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Suggest what you want in BCM here


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I can't find old thread about it but cyan said we're free to suggest whatever we want so yep here we go again I'll list what I want

-Dream fairie costume(the most wanted costume for me since 2013)
-Primal Spirit Headgear (we can't farm them from abbey anymore so this make sense)
-Gunner/SW berita 4.0 skins
-Craft lv 55 gears skins
-Enraged Villie/Asmo version skins including weapons too.
DD skins
Kahrun fable skins.
Character making costumes from clothes and chains don't know the name.
Stromwing skins.

Ok this is the list for now :)




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On 9/2/2017 at 5:33 AM, Magikarp-TM said:

Instead, I'll reverse the topic. Why is this item still on the BCM? We don't have Epsilon Stones in the game anymore. What are you trying to sell us NCSoft?



They've not bothered to change the text is all. The box rewards powder/black stones in place of the epsilons if i'm not mistaken.

If anything, can we just have Omegas and Temperings as perma things on BCM already. They're super important to gearing these days, and events just don't drop enough these days.

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