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Anniversary Lugbug autohunt quests and disabled autohunt system

The Secret Cow Level

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This screenshot is taken on NA

1,500 mobs per day, it is not a reasonable number of daily mobs kills when our Combat Support (autohunt) system is disabled


Look awfully similar to the following previous Taiwanese event where the event page clearly tells you to activate Combat Support (autohunt) to do these :


And their last autohunt event was only 1,000 mobs per day

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These event lugbugs are utter garbage, you can get HUNDREDS of event coins in one s-rank shugo instance depending on how lucky you are when you open the cakes. Heck you can do a ton of coins even in an a-rank. And it would cost you just a reset to get another round of those or a reset scroll and the instance is a few minutes only.

Even if they removed a "0" from the end of these quests they still do not worth it. 1500 mobs you say... how about 150 mobs for the same reward of TWENTY FIVE coins, you can most likely do 2~3 rounds of the shugo instance and get like ten times more coins instead of trying to kill 150 mobs (and obviously 1500 mobs). By the time you go to silentera canyon to start killing... you already finished another shugo instance!

You can stay afk for one more hour, get another pouch, open it and get 10~100 coins and that is just by being afk.

Whenever they bring obsolete things into events, just pretend they is not there.

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I tried to do it last night and I found that there is no place with a high enough density of mobs plus fast enough respawn rate to make this realistically doable in an acceptable time frame. I would find big areas full of mobs, pull and kill over 20 a minute, but then find myself sitting and twiddling my thumbs waiting on respawns. After a couple hours I was only halfway to the 1500 kill quest and gave up.

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