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Snowball event


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@Loki @Kibbelz did you guys just copy paste last year's rewards? Why is Stellium listed there when it's a discontinued item (good for pvp buff I guess).

Then, about the Wise Dragon King weapons, I assume it's the same version we've had before, aka the skin-only version instead of the skill skin one. It's been over an year since those weapons were released, why is NA specifically restricting access to those skills when every other regions has put them in their events? I'm sure you guys want players to swipe on the BCM for Brilliant Prisms, then at the very least offer the skill skin version (link). Most players using para weapons or extendy can't even skin their weapons, so the only use for those weaps is the skill.

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@Kibbelz @Loki @Gideon 

How hard is it to say "If you fail combine 12x Legendary Transforms email support and you will be given a Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box?"

You guys realize we're on patch 7.7 right? If Aion makes it to 8.0 you know everything will be reworked again and we'll be back to running scrolls or something else anyways. Stop trying to make everything into an "event" and just be nice to the 14 players remaining for once. FFS

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Out of what you can get out of the prisims...


[Event] Rank 2 Grade A Minion Contract Selection Box

[BCM] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 Types)

[BCM] +12 Stigma Selection Box1

100% Stigma Enchantment Stone



Wise Dragon King's Weapon Selection Box1Random

Ultimate Ereshkigal Armor Selection Box1

Ultimate Ereshkigal Wing Selection Box1

Ultimate Ereshkigal Weapon Selection Box


Then everything else 

[Event] Ultimate Transformation Potion Selection Chest??????



And if its not P2w,(not that i care about p2w anymore), things you buy that is actually worth buying requires p2w.


[Event] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types)1,000   1/week

100% Enchantment Stone Bundle800   1/week



Stigma Enchantment Stone120

fail 120 snowballs for that? 

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2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Honestly, it doesn't look too bad... except deleting all of our unused snowballs after the event is over. Like bruh. 🥺

You know what I’m FURIOUS about.... i read through the entire rewards, and i get to the VERRRY end of the Solorius Shenanigans Event.. and what do i see? 

[Event][Emotion Card] Snowman (1 day)

I mean come on NCsoft.. this is too far now. A One Day emotion card?! And there’s not even a motion card in this entire event?!! Where’s the skating!!!!


overall though, this entire event seems to just be for skins. The changes of getting any decent rewards seems to be low, and not really important for end game players. It seems the only reason to participate in this event is for skins, to enchant stigmas (and hope for the +12 bundles and stuff) or to try and go for the wise dragon box, or the erreshikgal armor and weapons. The only “end game” type content is probably the wise dragon weapon, or the occasional erreshikgal box. 


Also, might i point out that there’s a SOVERIGN accessory box.. i mean seriously, they couldn’t have just included one of new pieces of armor sets added, or even better with the addition of the Starlight merchant in 7.7 part two (although with NCWEST I don’t even know if we’re getting that because it “discourages group activity because you can buy the accessories”), maybe even a AoA accessory box as a more rare type drop. I think that alone would get people very interested in it. 

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