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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 7, 2021


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  • Aion Team

Hello Daevas!

Scheduled maintenance will take place starting at 6am Server Time  tomorrow (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC) and is expected to last approximately 3.5 hours. The only player-facing change occuring during this maintenance will be the reset of GP.

Thank you!

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I totally understand the abandon of retail servers in the first week because of Classic free trial, and even the second week of abandon because the possible Classic fixes and stuff.

But whole 3 weeks of nothing? Do something.. a p2w event, some old event returning.. 7.9 part 2.. Cat collection event... Mouse/Keyboard.. bring Garden back to at least make us have the false impression of people online (afk into garden).. i dunno. Dont tell me ice cream event is something with that prizes loot table.

Im personaly not playing classic, and facing day by day from 20 to 25 people online at retail Danaria Ely with 40 people peaks.. @Kibbelz its 40 people online on a NA MMORPG Official Server. The sad thing is that those who never abandoned the game are now being abandoned.

And you know what? Privates have more players than retail right now.. and the fault is 100% urs (NC, not you personally). The Classic gonna give u money if u do something for it or no.. its a hype train, u dont really need to do something.. u need to give attention to the dying retail.. not the one with 5k players online everyday

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Until when else we will have to wait for an event to arrive or the second part of 7.9 currently the population has dropped a lot and not all of us have the time to walk in two Aion there are many people who can only be in the Live other regions already have The second part of the 7.9 should already put it here and be able to continue advancing the few that are still on the server, that will not affect them since they already have a fixed income with the classic

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Honestly, what's the point of having a maintenance that last for 3 and a half hours, and 6 hours the previous week? Servers are at an all time low, a basic refresh would do. It's time to introduce new events, the joker event pissed a lot of players off, most retail players have moved over to classic, and the remaining ones loyal to retail are not even given any attention. Is this really the way you guys want to run your stuff NCWest? @Kibbelz can you please tell your team to do something about retail before even your loyal fanbase leaves the game? 

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Honestly Kibbelz you have a job and not to be rude you cannot even do it correctly, you state in previous post that you are the communication link between players and staff and you cannot respond to any post that are more then 2 weeks, you only respond to individuals who have certain amount of post or have some connection to you. 

With the launch of classic 80% of the players have quit retail and there’s a lack of support within the game. We have entered summer and we have more free times on our hands and all you give us is a rubbish ass icecream event where the drop rate is rubbish and the joker event was ridiculous with probability. 

We sit here day by day asking and begging you to give us something of substance and you can’t even do that, I’m not trying to put the blame all on you but YOUR COMPANY IS MAKING SO MUCH MONEY off of CLASSIC. The least you can do is give the commited loyal players something to do other than afk in pandemonium giving 355k exp.


At this moment we need an ultimate event; new BCM items,  AT LEAST GARDEN OF GROWTH.  

Like come on man we just want your help and assistance and you leave us hanging, we are all f—-ing  bored out of our minds do us a favor and give us something good. 

@Kibbelz @Kibbelz  @Kibbelz

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