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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2


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 Not peeve – when it finally cools down a little bit at night to where I can sit in the hot tub and drink a few mixed drinks.   Nothing is more relaxing, except for maybe military grade sedatives. 


 Peeve-  The fact that we  have regressed about 50 years or so in terms of racial tension in America.  Legit race war right now that I don't see being resolved anytime soon at all.

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Me neither. Such a crapstorm. It's so potato. One theory we have is the echo chamber thing + a lot of radical, progressive changes in the US over the last ten years that ruffled the feathers of the too-far right, with stuff overblown on both sides by the media, mainstream and small, Internet sht, who need drama to make $$. :/ I don't know. It's stupid, and people are dying over it, whether for race or religion. It's so dumb. Ugh.

2 hours ago, Larxe-SL said:

It does! /o/

Yummmm. /jelly

I think I'm gonna have shoyu "ramen" with my buckwheat sweet potato noodles, veggies, and an egg.

And hot sauce because @Gamegenie-SL was right; it tastes great with hot sauce.

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- Getting yourself motivated enough to go on the elliptical! I was going to exercise at 1pm, it's 4:18 now.


- Wanting to try playing an MMO again, but scared it'll be all I do during my extremely limited free time! Q,q I've been drawing so much too.

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2 hours ago, Cheesecake-IS said:

I binged the truck out of my MMOs the last two weeks leading up to class, lol.


Full classroom. Four girls, including me. Probably only going to be two by the end. #ITClassProblems


Which mmo are we talking about here??

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English and history courses really got to me as a "mature student." Like...why. I'm here for computer nyerk.

Though my history class was really awesome.


It's gonna be weird when I transfer schools because I have to take more of those types of classes again. ._. Though they offer a Japanese minor that I'm thinking of weeb'ing myself in for. (like 5 classes)

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