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For your own sake stay away from this NPC !!


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   Hello @Cyan i want to start this saying thanks, i'm really grateful about most of the recent changes, i really never expected for us to get the enchanment stone Morph 1 year ahead of time (as this feature is from 7.0), this is really great it will help a lot players and make the game healthier.

   But there is a thing i need to compain about, thing that yesterday ruined my day, completely pissed me off and i still can't get rid of the bitter taste.
 I and many others that do PvP instance content had been waiting this whole time, almost 3 months for the NPC that exchange the following tokens:

icon_item_badge05.pngArena of Solitude Victory Insignia
icon_item_badge06.pngArena of Harmony Victory Insignia
icon_item_badge07.pngAshunatal Dredgion Victory Insignia
But turned out to be a Big dissapointment.
   The NPC Seiran (Elyos) and Mwati (Asmodian) gives a quest that doesn't say what is the reward or what is the amount of insignias needed to complete said quest until you already acept it, wich one gets autocompleted and the insiginas removed automatically if you already meet the requirements.
   What is the problem? some may say. The issue is that this quest ask for  50 insignias!
So lets calculate the time to complete it then,  with a win rate of 70% wich i think its really high and not many can acomplish that feat, with only 10 arenas available per week, it takes  2 months to complete. Lets that sink in... 2 MONTHS to complete one single quest.

You guys don't see the problem yet?? i think you will see it now.

The Reward for 2 months of work it is...  TA  DA !!!

5 WHOLE  LUNA   yes my fellow Aion players you Acquired 5 Luna to spend as you please.


I think i will use these Luna to get an instance cooldown reset,so it will take me only 2 years to gather those 80 Luna. Seems Fair and Rewarding! Right? >:(

For me this is beyond Insulting and even Degrading.

Before making some drama in here i prefered to be descreet and just sent a Ticket to Support but... guess what? all the help I got was an advice to ''Voice my conserns in the Forums''
So @Cyan Please! can you intervene in my ticket with support? i'm not asking anything unreasonable i just don't want to throw my effort to the garbage, i just want my 50 insignias Restored and the 5 Luna reward removed.
My Ticket ID is #23242548

TL;DR  Seiran/Mwati NPC exchanges AoD, AoH and AD insignias. Ask for 2 months of work and gives the worst rewards in Aion history. 
My advice, just save all your insignias for patch 6.5 or 7.0 when hopefully rewards will be updated.

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2 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

What I am getting at is.. your choice is to use them for this and get a tiny reward or just sit on them and use them for nothing?

It is my understanding from this thread that the OP hopes to save the insignias with the hope that the rewards are changed to be better in the future. Seems like a stretch though if they're the same in Korea.

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I know the Quna quests were revolved around PvP specifically Dredge and ID and some other instances but I don't remember that much anymore. Thing is, NA didn't adjust the Luna rewards in these quests. If 1 Luna = 1 NCoin, it means our Luna prices are extremely steep compared to KR's Quna and EU's Luna. It's a bad thing slowly turning into worse over time because it'll eventually alienate certain types of players.

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  • Aion Team

We're aware this can be steep for the rewards and we're in talks with the developers to have them adjusted. We referenced this in the maintenance notice listing the changes. We don't have an estimated time currently.

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On 15/1/2019 at 3:43 PM, Cyan said:


  • Exchange quests for arena Victory Insignias will become available. Please note that some quest objectives may be modified in the future to provide a better experience for these quests.

it's not just my illusions or false hopes, Cyan said quests could be changed in the future.  So i just want my ingsinias back and i will just hoard them.
Cyan Can you help me with support ?  My Ticket ID is #23242548


4 hours ago, Violeta-KT said:

The rewards are the same in Korea, but the difference is that with 5 Quna you can actually do some tuning in the Korean servers. Retunes cost 1-3 Quna (depending on grade). 5 Luna gets you nothing here.

This is the issue. They just copy pasted the original quest without adapating the reward to the different scale of prices in NA, like really guys what can you do with 5 Luna here? do you guys think is fair 50 AoD wins for that reward? in the past doing arena content gave us acces to a LOT of gear, skins, and consumables,etc, now after 2 months of continuous and active participation we get 5 Luna... really?

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Hey really just start to <3 that universal copy/paste answer (we're in talks with the developers to have them adjusted) on any of 21342345345 problems ;) NA team can do nothing (not like there is any dedicated AION staff member left and all know that), so every change even tiny one like shard prices will take 2 months +

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