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Recently, the videos that I upload have been getting dislikes soon after uploading them. I am working really hard to improve my content and the quality of the videos that I upload. This includes looking for "No Copyright Music", also each video that I make, I try to find a good song for it, to make sure that just as I enjoy watching the videos and listening to the music, others can experience the same. If you didn't know by now; I really love playing Aion. The same love I have for Aion, I also try with my utmost effort to have this reflected in my videos.

If you have any recommendations on how I can improve the quality of my content and videos it is well appreciated. I make these videos to help people out since I had a really hard time finding information related to Pandora Quests and other things related to the game. My recent upload -Aion 7.0 Pandora Quest - [Weekly/Gather] Blooming Drana:

Took me a little over 4 hours to finish, this includes: gathering information about the quest, mapping the location of the items, recording footage for the video, choosing a great song for the video, sound design, matching the background with the music, working with animated text, etc. This is just so you can get an idea as to how much work and effort I put in the videos that I upload. It may seem like something simple or poorly elaborated, but it takes a lot of effort just to edit 2-3 minutes of content.


To everyone that enjoys my content, I appreciate your support and all the love I get from you all!

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Disclaimer: I am not among the people dropping dislikes on your videos.

Thank you for explaining your process of creating videos. It's clear that you work hard and put a lot of effort into them, but in the end, they suffer from a distinct lack of actual "content."

What do I mean by this?

How about 20 seconds of literally NOTHING in the intro but your name and Aion's logo? Then approximately 40 seconds of showing the quest that people probably already have and are looking for information on. You then show 23 seconds of critical information and the remaining 52 seconds of your video is of your character standing there doing nothing.

You seriously don't see a problem there? The information that people are looking for lasts for all of 23 seconds and the rest of the video is filler.

I'm not saying this to be harsh, I'm only telling you why you're running into issues with dislikes: when people are looking for information, they want it immediately. Almost ALL your content could be condensed into a few seconds, but most are drawn out because of 1) your intro, 2) actual information being presented too quickly, and 3) not much else going on in the video.

Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. If you're looking for information, do you want to be bombarded with several minutes of nothing, only to find your answer somewhere in the middle of a video and have it go by so quickly that you have to go back and pause it? I'm willing to bet most people would NOT want to deal with this.

I'll close this off on a high note: Don't let a few dislikes prevent you from continuing to make videos. Everyone encounters difficulties when they're first starting out but you'll eventually find your audience.

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Thanks for the insight and suggestions. Before, I would do complete segments of the gathering and the routes on the map, entire videos up to 10 minutes showing the complete gathering process, or for example which routes to take to find the NPC's, messengers, etc. No one watched that as well, in fact, the videos that display everything, route, gathering process, are the videos that have the lowest views with the exception of the messenger and NPC locations. I even included the coordinates to copy the locations to your Aion memo pad, even so, people complained or wrote offensive stuff on comments I had to delete or block, etc. Maybe it's just the NA Toxicity since I've found that people from EU Server are much more cordial and helpful suggesting ways to improve instead of just diminishing and slamming someone that is willing to help.


The intro is 20 seconds.

The title starts at 21 seconds.

Quest information at 30 seconds and ends at 1:02 mark

at 1:04 Misty Drana and Blooming drana location are shown and end at 1:12

at 1:14 Withered Drana location is displayed and ends at 1:22

at 1:24 Filler starts,  at 1:43 Subscribe animation and the last 25 seconds is to add end screen card.

The intro and segments comply with montage pauses and standards used in professional editing to deliver information and to avoid the lack of movement and flow within the video. I will keep working on my editing, but if the same issues continue with the Aion community, I may just move on to another game and forget about creating content for Aion.

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There is a metric shit ton of reasons as to why you got dislikes. However the more likely reason is one of the following

  • Someone who hates Aion is downvoting every Aion video(Yes people who hate stuff do this sad i know but it is what it is)
  • Other Youtube content creators want to make you feel bad so you stop making your video's and their guides get more views. I know a few Ark content creators that were going to quit because of a few hater comments. 
  • You have haters in game that noticed you are making content and are down voting simply because they hate you(or the class you are playing in the video). 
  • The content is not to the liking of the viewer watching.

I read every comment in your Aion video's and you focused to much on the negative aspect if you go back and read the comments(i know you read them since you replied to them...And yes i read every comment on your Aion videos) Aside from the AT DPS guide video people were asking for more video guides and even ones for the Asmo side as well.

The reason i made the 3rd choice in bold is because of the information you gave us. If you are uploading and you are obtaining a few dislikes soon after uploading people who are following your channel are doing so, So that they can down vote you to demoralize you.


When people dislike your video and then leave a comment saying YOUR rubbish AND YOUR VIDEOS ARE rubbish <----Ignore these.

On the other hand if people dislike your video and say you know i think your sound is to loud for the intro so i gave this one a dislike <--- Information worth taking in to consideration.

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You shouldn't read too much into dislikes...esp for an aion video. You have people who dont play this game for year and still log on to social media and other outlets just to talk shit about the game. Its also impossible to please everyone and that will always be someone hating because how dare u try to show me how to do something to help me?? Also u can look on you youtube for a video of a baby laughing and thousands of people will dislike it...why?

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1 hour ago, AteHerTech-KT said:

You have people who dont play this game for year and still log on to social media and other outlets just to talk shit about the game.

THIIIIIIIS. Just look at the forums. We have people who log in to say, "I haven't played this game in a year and it looks like it's still shit!" They can't even move on lmao.

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25 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

THIIIIIIIS. Just look at the forums. We have people who log in to say, "I haven't played this game in a year and it looks like it's still shit!" They can't even move on lmao.

I did get a really good chuckle out of that post.

Like, there's a certain rereleased MMO that I bitterly hate (for a litany of justifiable reasons), but I don't go to their forums/reddit/whatever to go "THIS GAME [still] SUCKS. I'M GLAD I'M NOT PLAYING, AND I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT, TOO." :|

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I haven't read any of the replies but after I saw the video this is the things I do not really like about it.

1) Long intros with the name of the channel user and/or the character's name and which server/region/planet he plays.
--> it is like most people do not care about that, making intros supposedly makes your video look more professional but not really.
2) Music choices
-->It is better to hear the Aion sounds, or even Aion ambient music or nothing at all. This song is not memorable, has no melody or vibe, it is another summer-wannabe-hit and plenty of people do not listen to this kind of music. Imagine putting dubstep or heavy metal in a video with aion that you show a quest. It is distracting.
3) Too much text, many different things to see etc.
--> If you are going to include a ton of details you better have a voice over and when you say something, show that specific something so it becomes organic the way we experience the info you show us instead of us having to pause. Effectively it is easier for anyone to simply enter a static text and image page and read that info than watch a video that has text and moving things and distracting music.

No shade and no offense, because you seem to try to do a good thing by showing people how to do a needed quest, you just have to keep it simple. Less is more in this case.

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