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November shop update coming soon


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as title states, the store will update soon and you guys have another shoot at making us happy as a community with cosmetics only.

please, please for the love of Atreian lords, take out Ninja's set Motion card from the BCM and replace it with Dragon's set Motion card or at least Red's Basket for Granny Motion card.

Joyful Festival Costume


Made in Abyss Nanachi Outfit

Miss Meow Overalls

Miss Meow Dress

Warm Panda Padding

all these are costumes that im sure the community would want back, thanks in advance @Cyan for fowarding this to the person in charge of BCM

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30 minutes ago, Brutallus-DN said:

Jesus christ just drop it already.. What do you want them to do? Restore the piece that probably doesn't even exist rn? You KNOW there's a risk to the broker, you took it, bad luck man you lost it.

drop. it.

How about you lay off, I'm not talking to you and the pieces are on broker right now by the same person.

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