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Event Disappointment

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So I have been online every single day since this event started.

I have collected my Mysterious Legendary Transformation Contract Piece Bundle x 20

I'm a Spritmaster Main ... Mage 4 Life ... 

Open my Transform Bundle ... TADA ... Kromede - The BEST Physical Transform you could get ... UGGH ... 

Who comes up with these twisted ideas ... I'm going to give a MAGIC MAGE a PHYSICAL Transform with stats they cannot use ... 

Lost for words ... 

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My first legendary transformation was a Kromede.. and I am a cleric. It happens and yes, it's disappointing. I sympathize. BUT.. you are hardly the first player to get a transformation that is wholly unsuited for their class and you won't be the last.

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The same thing happened with me.

I'm main Spiritmaster, my account have various casting speed character (i think just one attack speed). I left my SM logged in (sometimes afk, sometimes not), and on Saturday I got my legendary transformation and.. Ta daaa... "HAMERUN".

I did a ranger for me after This, cuz this is my first legendary... And I think will be the only one.

But, I'm serious thinking about leave aion. I'll disapointed and very sad.

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My cleric's account (main account) got a Hamerun. Well.. shoot. But at least it finished a collection.. for accuracy. *doublefacepalm*

My SM (first alt account) got a Viola! Lucky, right? Only that account has one and only one legendary transformation contract. You guessed it! It already had Viola. *cringe*

My SW (second alt account) got a Mastarius. After the "luck" of my first two accounts, at least this one was attack speed even if it has physical stats. *sigh*

BUT.. all I did was place something on my space bar, so I don't feel too bad about the whole thing.

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The only transform I still need is Frigida. (I have Kromede, Mastarius, Bollvig, and Sheba.) So with a 1 in 11 chance... yeah, I stopped worrying about it. But I recognize that I speak from a place of privilege because I already have pure attack and cast speed transforms. I really feel like this event should have been a choose-able legendary. The thing is, we've had the transformation system for 14 months now, and there are still people who don't have a class-usable transform. That shouldn't be the case on something that is SO CRITICAL for good gameplay. :(

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