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3 minutes ago, Shaperz-DN said:

How do you guys take the server down for maintenance so quickly to remove something that might help players and when we ask for something even simpler take 3 months to fix?

You answered it yourself.  They want the game to be challenging and harsh, like life itself.  If the NPC stayed for another 3 minutes, someone might have enough to buy another Legendary PvP stone to fail their gear.  That is unacceptable.  Please be more understanding of NCWest, they are only looking out for us. 

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5 hours ago, Bjorn-DN said:

I bet is to reduce the chance to enchant a snowball to +10, ive enchanted 3 to +10 before the maintenance :P

(Got ancient pve stones from the 3)

That's a better guess than the stupid shugo gems still dropping. We have had left overs from events still dropping/spawning weeks and weeks after events ended and no one at NCWest seemed to care. (Think the candy-gathering things and that one mob from the pyramid event that gave tons of xp.)

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