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Prestige needs to be revamped


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I've been prestige since the beginning of this patch, and after this month's prestige finishes I won't be renewing it. At this point in the game, I find there to be no real reason to keep it as the rewards are negligible. Here is my take on the rewards prestige currently has to offer:

- Most of the items in the prestige vending machine for prestige coins are either overpriced, useless, or both. The 15k title is actually pretty good, but once you get that there isn't really anything else in there worth bothering about.

- 30% AP boost is pretty useless. Now that HM gives so much AP I find myself sitting at 100M+ AP all the time, even after purifying gear. Not to mention, it takes so long to get gear to +15 to purify anyway.

- 30% XP boost and strong energy of repose aren't too bad, a lot of XP is needed to craft Bobonerk's gems. However, 30% is a pretty negligible amount considering the sheer amount of XP needed to craft enough gems to morph enchantment stones. Combined with the awful failure rate with enchanting, an insane amount of these is needed to help with gear progression. This buff should be at least 100% for paying players.

- Siege reward boost is nice for people who care about their rank, crucial if you want to be anything above a 5 star. But the benefits of being ranked really aren't that great, considering all you get are some enchantment stones and a small amount of kinah once a month.

- Instance entry boost is now useless, at least to me. I don't do most of my PvE instances anyway, and the benefits of getting an extra idgel/dredge/evergale/IB is also negligible. As above, the extra AP isn't needed and I'm already sitting on plenty of ancient pvp enchantment stones. The chance of getting a legendary pvp enchantment stone from those bags is terrible.

- PvE buff is useful for people with bad PvE gear and wanting to progress in PvE. But once you start getting decent PvE gear you don't really notice this buff (unless you really care about having top dps).

- Prestige quests are mostly useless, except for the one that gives 40 fighting spirit fragments. 40 fragments are nice but nowhere near enough to help with gear progression in a noticeable way. Too many of them are needed for purification and morphing stones.

- Atreian passport is also useless, it's almost not worth clicking on the button to receive the item. That PvE enchantment stone you get at the end of the week should at least be a PvP stone.

- Event benefits are nice when we actually get them. Most of these events we've had so far this year have been rubbish anyway (although the past few have been nice for people wanting ancient/legendary transforms), and some of these events don't even reward prestige members.

I think an underlying problem is the terrible RNG in the game and the sheer amount of resources needed for gear progression, of which are either limited in availability or difficult to obtain. The in-game economy (kinah) is also pretty screwed. The fact that most people resort to kinah sellers shows this to be pretty evident. With these issues in mind, the prestige benefits/rewards are either near useless or just nowhere near enough to be worth paying a monthly fee. This game desperately needs to give players more legendary/ultimate manastones and enchantment stones, fighting spirit fragments, and better RNG for enchanting/crafting, etc. Perhaps these are things that prestige benefits could offer?

Of course, this is all just my opinion based on where my character currently stands in-game in terms of gear/progression. Let me know what you guys think.

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I agree. It helps to get you going starting out, but the closer you get to endgame the more insignificant it becomes. All I really care about in PvE is IDD now, and paying 1 reset for that per week is way cheaper than Prestige for a month--and soon even that will become irrelevant. In PvP, having extra runs means I get more stone bags faster, so that's prob the only major thing. But once you hit full red, even that isn't a big deal anymore. In all in all, at my current status, I can go just fine without it. It'll help my pvp set speed up a bit, but that's about it. But at the same time... 1.2k for 30 days is really not a biggie either so.. 

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I don't agree with all of your points. It seems that you went out of your way to slam -everything- we get with Prestige. Though I do agree that Prestige needs tweaking to make it more eye-catching.

Good idea. Excessively negative.

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9 hours ago, Techlord-KT said:

I've been prestige since the beginning of this patch, and after this month's prestige finishes I won't be renewing it. At this point in the game, I find there to be no real reason to keep it as the rewards are negligible. Here is my take on the rewards prestige currently has to offer:

Let me give you my 5 cents on what you wrote here though because it seems you reached end game, you no longer care for the game.
Maybe we should have two different prestige passes to choose from, the current one and one just for those who reached end game and do not need extra pve runs, or extra AP buff etc.
I also don't run many pve instances since I am geared, I even not always do the pvp instances because winning another dredgion only gives me enchant stones and AP that I already don't need etc, while some times it is empty so it is just pve, other times it is pure pugs who are either afk or can't do anything, or is anotehr op group that might bring some pvp.
All the rewards given by everything in game, are practically useless to an end game player correct me if I am wrong. You geared, you are done with gearing and you no longer find fun in the game, you do not care about rank (even if it is just for the fame) and Aion no longer offers you grinding pleasure once you reach end game so whatever reward you are given, you simply don't "need" it..

Things I disagree with your post:
- For the AP it mattered more before HM, true, but at some point you will be +15 full ultimate and then what, you won't need Herelym Mine either. They gave us HM, we should be happy, lets not beat prestige for offering a %AP plus to everything.

- Siege reward boost are good for people who play the game as a whole. If you do not like a portion of the game then whatever boost they gave you for siege, it wouldn't make you happy because you apparently don't care to rank up. And the problem with owning a fortress is the +1 extra enchant stone than losing a siege which is ridiculous. We no longer have exclusive content to fortress owning but that has nothing to do with prestige. So changing the fortress system would probably bring more people into sieges.

- Instance additional entries are useless because you also reached end game content and you no longer need those extra runs. This is exactly what happens when someone is perma geared. Even if they gave you +10 entries in all instances you would be happy while you needed then and when you reached perma gear you would say "they are useless to me now". End game is supposed to be pure pvp because nobody is going to keep doing PF/IDD after 200~300 times he did it to get geared.

- The pve +400 attack is never bad, whatever items you have that extra +400 is good, if it was +50 I would agree it would be almost useless. It is an addition that makes your game play more fluid without being invasive in the pvp section.

- The atreian passport wasn't there before 6.5 and we had nothing to say about it, now they gave us something more and we cannot say it is bad, it does give you a few things, not THAT valuable but the prestige is giving you like 30 different things from entries, boosts, buffs, quest setc, so each of them is a tiny addition.

I agree on the below things:
- Prestige quests are indeed useless in a game where you reach lvl 80 in 1 day, all prestige quests should be lvl 80, with good rewards, with prestige coin rewards etc. Having prestige quests for lvl 30 instance is bad, the rewards are also ultra useless since they are for low lvls and campaigns already give you what you need.

- I agree on the XP part, but when you also reach full ultimate +15 (like me) turning these gems isn't really that needed on spot, I do it daily whenever I have XP from quests but I do not need them nor do I go to farm just for them, even if the buff was +100% I would still find it obsolete to me, I am turning these to stock up for the next patch that we will need more enchant stones, every day I might be doing like 30~50 gems which by the end of this patch will be a few thousands enough to do my next patch items.

- Event benefits should be there, I agree, I used a value boost pack 1-day to get me 7 coins instead of 6, that should be available to all prestige users because the value boost pack is no longer available and I had it kept in my wh since forever.

- The prices for the vending machine are indeed kinda too expensive. Of course you can make about 100 coins per day per account by being logged in (I do not remember the exact number) and you can make additional 100 coins per char per week. So in an account with 8 chars lvl 80 killing those 100 mobs can give you +100 coins, for a total of 800 coins per week per account and you can trade those via account WH to your main. So if you really want to devote yourself into getting something expensive you have to make full 8 chars on your account and take advantage of the quest.

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Nice arguments, but for someone who are a legit PVP player with endgame gear or near that.

You aren't the only person playing this game, neither the only one who pay for prestige pack. Plus, not everyone are lvl80 with legendary+ gear yet. And some people just play for PVE or Housing content.

I agree about a prestige revamp, we need some stuff ASAP, like the vending machine for example. I'm guess we should open a discussion about what the prestige should change, take off or implement.

But keep in mind prestige are supposed to have Benedict's for everyone, not just you.

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Agree. The benefits for $15 a month are not worth it at the moment. When you look at what you get from other games paying $15 per month it is a big difference. If they would add more worth to the Prestige it will surely bring in more money. Outrageously priced and worthless BCM items is not the path to good business lol

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