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New server for 7.0 ?


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Hahaha I just joking :P We all know that EK failed badly and a new server is a bad idea but what I want actually talk is how getting more people to Aion.

Ok first free players don't pay no matter what you will offer in the store but they made pay players pay more in the store indirectly.
-Free players want stuff from BCM pay players buy them and sell it in broker pay players get kinah free players get items.
-Pay players will pay to the game as long as in that game there're free players for them to dominate.
-Forcing everyone pay real money to the game only make free players leave and soon money from pay players will stop and the game dies.

The game in current state wanted everyone to pay (nyerking greedy isn't it?) even basic stuff like transformation and transparent scrolls,untradable stuff like kinah,skins from drops,no tradable white make new players no way to make money if they don't have money they left.

Aion should improve their selling point of the game the first impression that's character customize and skins,pvp is just secondary that people won't try until lv 80.The transformation is not a good way to attracting new players,Here's how to fix
-Add skins NPC like Aion RU did you should sell new skins not recycle old skins over and over and milk it forever.
-Add speed running potions (non transform) for low level to use and removed all transformation pots.
-Add cheap transparent scrolls to GST.

That's the way how new players going to stay that's how you can sell skins on BCM more and that's how pay players will keep paying as long as there're new players keep coming.

But if all you going to say is nyerk THIS too lazy ? then I'm waiting for new server 7.0 and see another merge :P

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2 minutes ago, Cyan said:

I would say, as of right now, the chances of this happening is very low. 

I doubt it. Korea launched a new server when 7.0 hit, and it's like a chain, I know NA and EU will do it again, only to have it die again. Let's not forget Hime told us there would be no new servers with 6.0, yet here we are, new server being merged.

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I would join in a heartbeat! Create a character.. level it to 80. Use it to get quick entries into anything that gives cubics and then shelve it until they close it and give me tons of free goodies that I can use account wide (like luna and contracts) just for rolling on that server.

Win win win!

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On 25.4.2019 at 7:12 PM, Kubei-DN said:

Let's not forget Hime told us there would be no new servers with 6.0, yet here we are, new server being merged.

I stil recall this moment when she said that and BOOM a few weeks after we have a new server AND we all knew already it would merge with the other servers as it usually does. We just do not need any new servers. Just look at the past... it never really worked out... u.u

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