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@Cyan - Transformation System


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7 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

It's not a must for everyone.

I'm really happy that our transformations are staying account based rather than server based like EU has.

That is cool af, I wont lie. But most people only focus in one server.

Either way that is not what we were discussing. We want the duration times and stats same as KR.

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To be honest I think it kinda is a must .  If you saw the stream everything except gold ingots are going up in price on the gold sand traders.  So giving us a full 10 min transform will in  their words give us a better player experience just like how they choose the patch.  Transparent transform scrolls changed from 200 K to 250 K, and reg scrolls increased too.  Shard bundles go to over 20 K.  People allready short on kinah making things more expensive not gonna help that though I do know kinah making in 7.0 is bit easier

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3 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

@Tyd-DN If you think about it the price going up in GST may indicate that kinah is going to be easier to obtain in the upcoming patch.

yeh I did say in my last line that I do know kinah making in 7.0 is easier still regardless no reason why NA is the only region with Aion to have nerfed transform stats and time

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Just now, Kubei-DN said:

That is part of 7.0. We will get that as well.

No. On the stream Gideon specifically said that they are keeping transformation unlocks account wide and not going to server wide they way other regions did.

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7 hours ago, Goldmoon-EK said:

Personally I hate the Transformation System be it old or new. Whatever happened to seeing players in their splendid gear in all its glory? But instead we see them around as a mouse with big ears. Why I will never go near those pots/scrolls to transform.

the transformation system would have been a true blessing because with the use of one only scroll you can be maxed at attack speed and speed, so I think as an idea it is pretty good but the parameters made it bad:

  1. The way to get transformations is too RNG, I have 2x kaisinels and I paid 0 money for it, people have wasted thousands of $$ and still don't have it
  2. Transparent scrolls should have been treated as a consumable not as a privilege

...if those two things were implemented differently the transformation system would have been amazing. Having your toon self rely on having 12 speed is a blessing. I am speaking as a sorcerer which is the slowest class in most cases.

5 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

at least transparent scrolls lasting 10min ... >:(

This at least, but that would make them more cost effective than normal scrolls for kaisinel at least. I would say at least transparent trasnformation scrolls should have 2x or 3x the duration of the normal scroll, so a kaisinel would last 2 minutes with a normal scroll and 4 minutes with a transparent.

But in the end I think making all transformation last 10 minutes would be my all time favorite. This way I would be using transparent transformations constantly.

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On 17/8/2019 at 5:11 PM, KonkersGG-EK said:

All it takes is about 20 seconds to post something and bring it back to the top. At some point they have to give some attention to this.

yeah i know but might get locked before they do :P 

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14 hours ago, Rikimaru-KT said:

Today I tested transformations in other regions. I m surprised how more fluid the game is with the orginal cast and atk spd. Is there any reason to these nerfs?  Maybe the team found some unbalance in pvp or things like that? @Cyan

OK so they nerfed the stats, we can still reach caps stats in attack speed and speed, so I do not see what it served. But why nerf the duration? So we need a ton of scrolls toplay and never be able to use transparent transformation scrolls?

What are they earning from pushing everyone to look like an ugly taransformation. To them it means nothing, to us it is the appearance of our character and the aesthetics of the game WE play (not them). If anything, transparent trasnformation scrolls should at least cost the same price to normal ones. If you want to look like a fennec fox, use normal, if not use the transparent.

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