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@Cyan - Transformation System


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We can still reach caps IF the transformation has a super high atk or cast spd. But SM/SW would benefit more if Frigida transformation had the original status, since both classes are cast/atk spd because their skills recquires low time to be casted and they have many skills with combos. In fact, SM's would be the most benefited class by using that transformation, I suppose.

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41 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Lock thread please... everyone is happy with transformation system

Real talk, I would actually be pretty happy with it if it was transparent by default. I actually like just popping one thing to get run speed, atk/cast speed, and stat boost all at the same time lol.

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On 24/8/2019 at 5:41 PM, KonkersGG-EK said:

I don't dislike the system entirely. What I don't like is the fact that they changed the stats of all the transformations. As if they would know better than the KR devs!

All that we are asking is to have the original duration and stats of the transformations.

exactly, also the time sucks

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6 hours ago, Shinryu-EK said:

Being at the transformation subject... How to get legendary transformation contracts?...

Legendary contracts only in events. Not even the shop has them. You can acquire legendary transformations by combining ancient transformations too.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever mentioned this before but on NA the transformation never downgrades. IE in other regions if you try to combining less than 4 ancient contracts it has a chance to give you a greater transformation. On NA I have NEVER, EVER, gotten a Greater transformation by combining 2 ancients. And I've done close to 15 combinations of only 2 ancient transformations. I only got ancients or legendaries back as a result.

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On 15/8/2019 at 11:18 PM, Tyd-DN said:

yeh I did say in my last line that I do know kinah making in 7.0 is easier still regardless no reason why NA is the only region with Aion to have nerfed transform stats and time

How is kinah making easier in 7.0? Previously you could even get a potential drop that yoou would sell on broker, now the broker will be empty. Even manastones are untradeable. The best way to make kinah in 6.5 was from lina kinah box crafting, same to 7.0.

20 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

Restore transp scrolls to the normal duration :D

at least...

Yes the duration at least should get back to normal, or at least not be THAT nerfed.

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yea fun system.....

I play Ranger and Vandal.  I have all the legendary caster transforms and zero attack speed, physical crit/att.  I'm doing great with this.

Not sure which I like better, trying to get a legendary for my class or enchanting gear.


Oh, before you mention/ask, I loathe the events that have you run an instance over and over for things.  I'd watch paint dry before logging hours in an instance, yes my fault/preference.

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