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Vote 20 skin candinates into GST


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Hi here's the list of 20 skins I want you add them to GST.

-icon_event_cl_cash_iu01_body.png Dream Faerie's Costume
-icon_cash_item_weddingdress_body_01.png Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
-icon_item_torso_luxury_moderndress01_spe Modern Dress (Teleport)
-icon_item_torso_luxury_modernlook01_spec Modern Dress (Return Teleport)
-icon_cash_item_springbreeze_body_01.png Spring Winter Wavy Dress
-icon_cash_item_children_body_03.png Mini Dress Whites
-icon_cash_item_redcarpet_body_01.png Red Carpet Dress
-icon_cash_item_elfdress_body_01.png Fairy Dress
-Code Red,Code Blue,Maid outfits,Gothic black dress that I don't remember the name and all wedding dresses.,Ninja outfits from old luna,bunny ears,bath robe,space suit,ballroom dress. I can't think anymore lol and all outfis must included headgears,if anyone got more ideas just add them here ty.

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you will have to check broker, sometimes you can see parts of the gear you are looking for


edit: I'm not trying to say that NC shouldnt put on luna craft, they really should, im only saying that there are still a way how you can get the skin without waiting if they decide to add it to the luna craft or not.

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