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@Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.


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Hello @Cyan , I would like to clarify the new changes on Vandal Daevanion skill "Chromatic Wrath".

This is what we got for the normal Daevanion skill:


and this is what other regions got:


As you can see we are lacking of the following effect:
"Deals damage more quickly than with the standard Angry Colors."

The same happened to the Advanced version:

What we got on this patch:


What other regions got:



I have tested the skill already and the low critical rate is fine, but the quick damage effect mentioned is not being applied, the skill that we got for the Daevanion version is pretty much the basic one "Angry Colors". Could you check with the dev team and make sure this is an intended part of the update or if it's an error?. Thank you.

Note: The patch notes didn't specify anything about such change on the skill:


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Vandal / Painter 7.2 (Part 2) vs. 7.0 skill effect changes

Check this comparison by comparing the game data between the two versions

All damage lasers are changed into the following:

  • Instant damage
  • Damage over time at 1 second intervals

Tick rates:

  7.2 Part 2 7.0

Chromatic Wrath

1.0 0.35
Angry Colors 1.0 0.5

Skill description on EU's Chromatic Wrath has not been updated accordingly.


  • Chromatic Wrath deals 2326 [23] damage immediately, and 2326 [23] damage every second for 7 seconds.
  • Angry Colors deals 1790 [18] damage immediately, and 1790 [18] damage every second for 7 seconds.

Critical chances for damage lasers are 10% of normal in 7.2 (Part 2).

Chromatic Wrath got nerfed extremely hard. Damage now is 35% (PvE) or 27% (PvP) of the damage in 7.0.

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2 hours ago, fearemall-DN said:

Lol are you complaining because you can’t melt people in 2 seconds now? I’m sorry but if thats too rough for you


or just chainfear them if you'd rather take a few seconds longer

pot..meet kettle

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14 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

SW can be gods now, if they get the +15 daevanions and get the new skills especially.


50 minutes ago, MintyR-DN said:

thats if you have a credit card to throw at ncsoft im a poor student :')

Agreed with @Arhangelos-KT. I messed around on my alt SW a lot yesterday and was very impressed with my dps output compared to last week. SW has been buffed and are pretty good this patch.

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