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@Cyan, Stigma enchants from anniversary dissapearing after event?


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"The item will be deleted at a predetermined time when the event ends.", is that actually happening? People who already have enchanted stigmas are just saving their enchants until we have a stigma enchant event, but if the ones we got from the anniversary quest/event are going away may as well use them on alts or something.


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NCWest is not known to have deleted any event items in the past so far.

These items are still on my spiritmaster's inventory:





But we should get clarification from @Cyan though. (Everything is subject to change!)


NCTaiwan's events do delete event items after their event ends, and are mention in their event pages. For example:

  • http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/event/190925_sos/event.aspx
    • [活動] 松糕將於10/16(三)維護時由系統統一進行回收,請守護者於活動期閒內兌換完畢。
      • [Event]松糕 will be deleted during server maintenance on Wednesday 10/16, please Daevas during event time exchange completely.
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what about the legendary manastones are they staying too or being deleted, the stigma stones i dont ccare about since  i cant get mine past 6 anyways so thats just a lost cause i completely gave up on a long time ago , trying to +12 any of them is a pipedream and tbh a joke

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