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Mouseclic.com RETURNS !


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I'm Nimporte the webmaster of mouseclic.com. I stopped playing the game more than 2 years ago but now I'm back. The last update of the website was when the 5.0 went live on the KR PTS. So, there is a lot of work to do. In the last few days, I made the following changes :

- Updated the DB to 5.8 : added items, hidden skill stats,... For example, you can check how many PvP attack you'll gain by upgrading highdeva_pvpattack_g1.jpg <Boost Interpersonal Attack>

- Changed the formula for the CP calc.

- Added PvE Attack / Defense and took the manastone regression into account in the Gear calc.

- Added the bracelet and the golden plume in the Gear calc.

- You can now use your CP, add essence core and upgrade them by clicking on the essence icon in the Gear calc.


What I'll add soon :

- The transformation, HD skill and skill upgrade in the Gear calc.

- Update the calendar


If you have any suggestion or find a bug, feel free to tell me ! ^^

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Wow, it's already 2 years that mouseclic stopped to be updated (and that 5.0 came out? How could I've been able to resist that long?). Time runs.

I'm happy you came back N'importe pas, your website was really useful, I spent so many hours on that gear calculator (and stigma tool, after that aspirine.ru went bye bye). It was a pity to let it die.

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Good evening,

I'm implementing 6.0 on mouseclic.com

Right now, I'm updating skills. I made some surprising discoveries about the sorcerer :

- You can't see hiding player snif snif
- live_wi_manaboost_g1.jpg <Magic Assist> has been merged with Supplication (MA buff)
- At level 80, we win a new magic assist (wi_manaboost_custom_b.jpg <마력 폭발>) which replaces the old one and gives 30% cast speed
- live_wi_illusiondance_g1.jpg <Illusion> resists a single attack but its CD goes from 2min to 1 min.
- live_all_shockreflect_g1.jpg <Remove Shock> CD goes from 1min to 30s
- wi_deepsleep_1_g1.jpg <Somnolence> is deleted
- All sleep last less (6s instead of 8s) except for zone sleep.
- Decreased cbt_wi_soulfreeze_g1.jpg <Soul Freeze> duration (5.6s)
- cbt_ma_gravitycage_g1.jpg <Erosion> and cbt_wi_flamecage_g5.jpg <Flame Cage> no longer share the same CD
- cbt_ma_root_g1.jpg <Root> lasts 12s instead of 20s and cbt_wi_frozenfield_g1.jpg <Winter Binding> 9s instead of 14s but CDs have been reduced to 40s instead of one minute
- cbt_wi_meltdown_g1.jpg <Flame Fusion> does not increase the fire damage anymore but diminishes the magic supp
- cbt_wi_meteor_g1.jpg <Flaming Meteor> has 80% chance to stun instead of 50% (if HD skill)
- There are 2 new versions of cbt_wi_hydroimpact_g1.jpg <Freezing Wind>: wi_hydroimpact_custom_b.jpg <냉기 발사> at 20m with 1k dmg and wi_hydroimpact_custom_a.jpg <열기 소환> at 3m with 1k8 dmg.
- live_wi_elementalseal_g1.jpg <Elemental Ward> has 2min of CD instead of 3 but lasts 30s instead of 1 minute
- cbt_wi_magicfist_g1.jpg <Magic Fist>, cbt_wi_frozenseal_g1.jpg <Robe of Cold>, cbt_wi_delayedexplosion_g1.jpg <Delayed Blast> and cbt_wi_gainmana_g1.jpg <Gain Mana> have been deleted.
- live_wi_magicalchain_g1.jpg <Refracting Shard> has been nerfed.
- The wizard has a para with 0.5s of CD and 0.5s of duration WTF : wi_fireshooter_custom_a.jpg <화염 난사>

For other classes, I invite you to take a look for yourself. For the moment, you have to manually add the version and I only did the skills:


Chain Skills

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I improved Skill section. Now even more hidden effects are displayed.

For example :

fi_destructblow_custom_a.jpg <격파의 맹격> (Gladiator daevanion skill) reduces the CD of Crippling Cut, Final Strike, Springing Slice, Draining Blow by 30%. After a critical, it reduces the CD by 30% more, i.e. 60% in total.

as_signetburst_custom_b.jpg <문양 파괴> (Sin daevanion skill) rebuces the CD of Shadowfall by 70%.

I also noticed that many sin's runes have increased damage and inflict fixed damage in 6.0.

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