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Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?


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29 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

As someone who was not on during the shutdown, this thread was a rollercoaster to read lmao.

This. This thread was great. xD KT didn't make a great thread when their server randomly died in the last couple weeks, lol.

Downaria was also great. :P

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Why do you still expect NCwest to talk about what happened? The last time there was that no one said a word about the fact. NCwest know how to treat a player well, I say this because every weekend we have to send a ticket asking for the rewards of the Divine Fortress and until today they have not moved to repair such a problem, will we be playing a private server? Or is it an official server? Apparently we are on a boat without a destination without a captain to talk about the problems we face or to lead us to a better AION, the GM's only care about their salaries at the end of the month. #peace

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