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We will probably be getting 6.2 as well.. when we get it. Which is anyone's guess at this point. I kind of thought there would be an announcement when they announced the birthday events, but that didn't happen.

So. Idk.

There is a saying.. no news is good news. In this case, no news is just no news.

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1 hour ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Maybe we'll get super lucky and get a tentative announcement on the birthday.

Maybe we'll get super duper lucky and Ncwest is just waiting to see Gameforge's next move before finalizing how to adapt the patch for NA in the players' favor.

haha yeah right

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How about they get their shit together and get this done. I'm looking hard at finding another game right now because NC West is working on worst company of the year award and they have a huge lead. Not an update on when 6.2 will happen. Not saying their working on it. Just silence. What a shit company. 

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Not going to lie, I'm thankful for the extra time I've been given to prepare for the worst of 6.0. On the other hand, I get why the majority of the playerbase is getting so irritated waiting. It is hard to believe we have been sitting on this update for so long with no word from the team whatsoever, but this is ncwest so I guess we shouldn't have expected better. lol

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I think six version did not get here because they lack staff. I think there is not a big team to do all that is needed and I also think NCS revenue has dropped, plummeted. AION does not make a profit, as before.

I think this is happening for two reasons.

1) The changes in the game brought a change of audience.
2) Too many errors in administration.

1) Can you give examples?
Yes. I speak of the anomalies; The unbalance of classes; The weakening of the AION theme; Visual changes; The changes in the cooperative mode; The changes with PVP and PVE; The inclusion of GOLDSTONES with imbalance; The Focus on the Arenas and Etc.

2) How has NCS management affected revenue?
Apparently NCS does not listen to its customers. They do not attack the real problems of the game and do not offer items that are really worth buying.

Can you give an example of a problem that NCS has not yet attacked? 
Yes, I can give you several:

Eventually everyone have DC on Evergale Cannon and loses all items.
There is a recurring bug that holds the player on the ground and prevents the player from moving when he is in PVP. You see this every day in EC or in KAMAR.

The demonstrations of hacker (with prove) use are not converted into punishment.
Some items sold on the site were meant to fail. This makes many players no longer want to put real money into the game.

Many items sold on the site are useless and other (cosmetic for sample) that everyone would like take it... never been offered.

This is... just simple examples.

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2 minutes ago, Statefarm-DN said:

Wanna get answers you say?  Just stop paying them.  They will update real quick if there is no cash flow.  They are just trying to get as much as they can before 6.X.  

Your freaking name has their stupid jingle in my head now. Thanks Obama.


I wonder why there are so many delays on a beautifully p2w capable patch. The whales would drown NCsoft in cash...

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