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SW in 7.2


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@MintyR-DN SW in the 7.2 Part-2 Patch that we are getting is highly buffed. From damage increases on things like Treble Cleave and Minstrel's Flair, to the fact that Blazing Requiem (frog skill) changes from a 3-stage 4-second cast to a single-cast 1.5sec blast. That means you can cast the frog at the same spead as the Fiery Requiem unicorns, and deal a base of 8.8k damage.

Watching some (obviously geared) Korean 7.2 bard gameplay will show you that with your buffs up and debuffs buried on an enemy, you can 100-0 them with aoe aether hold > frog > treble cleave > DP

Sadly since Kaisinel is not really a thing in NA, it's a bit harder for us to do that but nevertheless, the SW damage output increases quite a bit

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So ignoring new +15 skills/stigmas/etc, I'm seeing the following changes from @TheSecretCowLeve-KT's list:

- Shock resist now gives 2000 instead of 1000 (buff)
- Refreshing Melody now also decreases cast time by 20% on top of the other things it already does (buff)
- Frog skill is no longer a charge skill, but it hits slightly less than the fully charged stage 3 old version (neutral)
- Freestyle no longer reduces the enemy's MR by 300 (nerf)
- Exultation stigma now gives 3000 HP instead of 2000 HP (buff)
- Impassion stigma now gives 2500 MA instead of 2000 MA (buff)
- Minstrel's Flair 2k DP skill now hits 20% harder than before (buff)
- Song of Ice now hits 10% harder than before (buff)
- Song of Fire also hits 10% harder than before (buff)
- Song of Earth, same thing, 10% harder (buff)
- Bright Stroke, same thing, 10% harder (buff)
- Bright Strike, same thing, 10% harder (buff)
- Treble Cleave hits 30% harder than before (buff)
- Hymn of Rejuvenation is now an AOE heal over time for the whole group instead of just 1 person (buff)
- Requiem (penguin group sleep) no longer gives the enemy 2000 additional magic defense when used (buff)

So out of 15 changes, only 1 of them is a nerf -- and it's on a stigma that a lot of people don't even use. I'm honestly seeing good changes for SW in 7.2, @MintyR-DN.

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1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

There is not many options, or you spend billions of kinah buying stigma enchant bags with every single alt you have or you drop a few thousand dollars on the BCM

This. I took six stigmas from +9 to +11 and it cost me over a billion kinah. Getting to +15 is a pipedream unless you are prepared to throw thousands of dollars at the game or multiple billions kinah.

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