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Pansy as nyerk, I am .

I killed the conqueror mobs, I followed the shugo around from town to town every few hours. I rode the jellyfish. I rifted into elyos territory and killed mobs without interruption. Still, there was no end in sight. And then I had to presumably do similar for four more pieces? Yep. I folded on that quest chain right quick lol.

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22 hours ago, Disregard-TM said:

white - 10% fail
green - 20%
blue- 30%
fabled- 40%

when gear only had 4 sockets, on average it would take less than 16 manastones to succeed all 4. pvp gear was a horse of a different color.

it was enchanting that was a new kind of hell, because people didn't know the enchant success rate till either late 2.0 or early 3.0, when russian GMs posted their 10k enchant stone test to show that you needed to use stones 10/20/30/40/50/50 levels above the item you were enchanting to get max enchant rate, and that there was a hardcap on success chance at 80%. (still is, outside of supplements.) people enchanted gear with stones that only had 50-60% success chance, or would buy level 100+ stones to enchant level 50 fabled gear, extreme overkill. it was the wild west back then.

though the MOST fun part of 1.0 was getting your stigmas. your level 20-30 stigmas were very common. I think the mobs around eltnen fortress were programmed to drop their shit stigmas fairly often. The problem was that mobs only dropped stigmas for a very small level range. Some level 45ish stigmas were incredibly rare and cost a fortune. since all game data was suppllied by player logs submitted to fansites, people would farm specific mobs because someone had got the stigma they needed there. same with godstones and other rare items. My friend RMT'd to get the kinah to buy recovery spell for 70m in the first month of the game after running 30 runs of steel rake and killing every steel rake kobold peon and still no drop. I remember getting pms from people i'd never met because they looked me up on the website gear list and saw that I had Holy Shield III socketed and wanted to buy it, because nobody knew where to get it. AionArmory said it was from the bighorn-type mobs east of redmane cavern in beluslan, so i farmed there for days. I still don't remember if i got the drop there or ninjad a cheap one off broker. gladiators payed big bucks for ankle snare, both plates were desperate for Unwavering Devotion.

Yup, you get it!
I'll still say imo, most fun was Dark poeta and trying to reach S rank Tahabata...
Crafting the fire resist gear from SR...woo good times.

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16 hours ago, Bogel-KR said:

But you could exchange 7 failure items for 1 hot heart of magic.


If I can remember, in aion 1.x you couldn't use remove shock if you got silenced first


15 hours ago, Nyinu-KR said:
  • Sold a 2k jelly design for 2 million that I got from grinding Calydons with my pocket healer. We split the kinah. Never felt so rich. I promptly bought the 30 second wings.
  • Going into dredg on New Vazil right after the first and only week of the "MONTH LONG FREE TRANSFERS" only to get a complete group of Sin Filled Afterlife.. wearing full level 50 Abyss gear. *sigh*
  • Taking Roah by filling the ramp into the Dux room with kisks.
  • Getting pranked.
  • Having players blocked from getting their Miragents because they couldn't complete their campaign quests due to Asmos taking Sulfur on their Elyos alts.
  • Spending 4 hours in Dark Poeta duo killing as many Balaur mobs as we could to get blood stains and hearts because it was impossible to farm Balaur mats for your pants in the Abyss when outnumbered 3 to 1.

The good ol' days.


Who else tried to proc their Hot Heart of Magic while not wearing pants, your hat visible and having full dp?

I almost forgot!

  • Great events.. like the St. Patty's Day Massacre.

The St Patty's Day Massacre!!!

THE...BEST..EVENT..EVER...who could ever forgot seeing the streets of Sanctum piled high with our corpses as the mobs one-shot us.

and getting ganked as a clothie by sins without remove shock...good times

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6 hours ago, Calista-TM said:


The St Patty's Day Massacre!!!

THE...BEST..EVENT..EVER...who could ever forgot seeing the streets of Sanctum piled high with our corpses as the mobs one-shot us.


That event gave us 5 green dyes and soul sickness! And to think that people actually complain today about event items not being good enough. 

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On 8/27/2017 at 11:10 AM, Channing-IS said:

Wtf game were you playing where manastones "rarely" failed?   You act as though it didn't frequently require 50 manastones to socket a 4-slot armor.  

Aion at launch was a lot of fun but had its issues. On the fun side we had an unofficial RP server - Lumiel.  People would gather in taverns and RP.  Some of the best people I met were from Lumiel RP community.  This is gone now.


This is not true.  Israphel is the Unofficial RP server.  There is still an RP community, it's just much smaller than it used to be.  There are currently two legions IS-A.  There aren't any Elyos RPers left, though, at least I don't think so.

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On 8/29/2017 at 0:32 PM, Lumin-IS said:

This is not true.  Israphel is the Unofficial RP server.  There is still an RP community, it's just much smaller than it used to be.  There are currently two legions IS-A.  There aren't any Elyos RPers left, though, at least I don't think so.

I'm Elyos so how am I wrong in saying it's dead at least for our faction.  It also started on Lumiel which was absorbed into Israphel. 

Great to hear if the Asmos kept something going. 

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On 8/27/2017 at 11:01 PM, Jake-KR said:

Wrote an essay and my browser glitched and refreshed qq.


Pick a patch and Ill explain the key differences. 

As far as the game went, the community was far better quality, as people actually had to pay to play thus they had more incentive to actually care for things. 


Better sense of PvP, better seiges because better quality people, better drama since the game had more of a family type style to it. Notice when people come back after not playing everyone is like OMG HAIII. 

Knew the game was going down hill after 2.7, but 3.0 really marked the over the hill, when the quality of players drastically changed. 

I guess I'd like to know more about the 1.X patches. These were the times when Morheim rifting was at its peak, right?

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On 9/2/2017 at 11:54 AM, Rinkusan-SL said:

I guess I'd like to know more about the 1.X patches. These were the times when Morheim rifting was at its peak, right?

Aion NA Launched with Patch 1.5. The game was bare with content and there was no remove shock and if I remember correctly Dredge didn't occur until 1.9. 


During this time PvP was basically play Ranger. Ranged Stun and supreme Arial combat = easy kills. Leather also meant better accuracy for twinks. 


Come 1.9, Remove Shock was introduced and shortly after were the first server merges. Remove shock was considered a magical spell so if you were silenced you could not use Remove shock. This meant Silence godstones were OP af and classes with on demand Silence were OP af.

During these patches they banned a mass amount of Asmos which is why the original server merges occured and why most NA servers became heavily Elyos Dominant. Back then, dominance meant complete power. PvP gear was made not by PvP, but by farming the forts. If you didn't have the forts to run the instances, you weren't getting the AP you needed to buy the gear. Back then, if you died as a Officer, you lost a large amount of AP, likewise you would get very little AP if you killed someone. To put in perspective, an R1 dying like ~1k AP. Killing an R1 solo gave about 500-1k. Once Officer, it almost doubles and the amount you gain would shrink, thus the dominated factions wouldn't PvP as much once they hit officer as it was too risky, without being able to gain AP from fort instances (only other source was PvP), and they wouldn't get geared. 


1.5 also didn't have weapon combines, made Zapiels #1 Spear, and Lannoks/Triroans 2nd best. Come 1.9, weapon combinations came and the best spear until 3.0 was Bakarma fused with 50E AP pole. Until 3.0, the best realistic staff for chanters was Lannoks/Triroans.


Gear was hard to obtain, especially until 2.1 when they increased the drop rate of Fabled equipment. Most players would hit level cap with greens and a few blues. Crafting was useful for this reason. 

You could run Fire Temple over 100 times, and still never see a Kromedes item or White Flame. 

Most classes were under developed still. 


Aions Glory days were truly during the 2.0 era imo.


When 2.0 hit, with the newer stigmas, Glads were OP as hell, especially with Bakarmas Spear. Cleave, get the silence proc, KD, and faceroll. They were extremely OP cause they could use Improve Stamina and Second Wind, allowing them to full heal with pots nearly twice. Was changed during 2.5 iirc.


During this time, classes had race specific skills, made certain classes far better than the opposing race, most notable was Sorc. Asmos sorc had Boon of Quickness, and there was no casting speed cap until like 2.6 or 2.7 or so I think. Meaning they could pop Vaizels, BoQ, and with scroll/cast speed on tome, have over 100% casting speed, and instant cast every skill. 


When 1.9 hit, several classes that abused the stun lock gimp became several weak, as that was their main means of killing and they didnt have the skillset to survive someone not being stunned, such as Rangers and Sins (of course twinking and rifting against people without RS still got their good ol' AP). 


Chanters were long considered Free AP but no one knew how to PvP with them. Music was and Getstaffed were a couple of maybe 5 total NA chanters that understood their class was built around battle of attrition and kiting.

"How does a Chanter escape Ankle Snare?" (or any root skill)
"They die"

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On 09/09/2017 at 10:57 PM, Cheesecake-IS said:

Didn't you used to be able to go into dredge with that OP kerub transform from one of the Sulfur artifacts? I seem to remember the top people of Lumiel abusing the crap out of that. So much drama over that artifact.

Thank you for reminding me of this. My sister was in Mortred's team at that time and I just sat there laughing the whole time as they stomped everyone in dredgion. Pretty fun times.

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As a Chanter I remember the loooonng thread complaining how NCsoft didn't paid enough attention on this class and how low tier Chanters used to be in PVP (mostly solo) scenarios.

Things changed to (way better) in 2.x when Binding Word, Stamina Restoration and Blessing of Wind became insta cast and the class started to show some competitivity.

I remember how expensive "Word of Inspiration" used to be, also most chanters used to socket it all day every day prior to Lucidity introduction. Evasion sets was a viable option/choice too.

IMO chanter was the class who suffered most changes (skill changes) in these 8/9 years on Aion because it started very lackluster and weak. It took time but i'm glad NCsoft gave some love to us.




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