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So right now its an event going ! 
This event start for me at (7pm server )9 pm eastern time last 30min ... AND NOBODY KNOW !
People who know will not tell you this is why. 
So basicly the event for what i know in Katalam and demaha everywhere you can just walk and find those chest who give 100k to 1b kinah 
This is not a joke btw, its not on the web page cause we all know our GM have no clue about their own game...
People i ask told me that event have start last maintenance.

Here some picture and info i know about GL !
THose box respawn like every 5min btw and they pretty close each other!

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I feel like they probably don't know about it lol. It probably got implement with one of the other events, otherwise they would have posted it on the event page. It is ncsoft though so ¯\_(ツ)_/

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Firstly @MechEagIe-DN Thank you as always for being a decent person. You could have held this information and never said anything. I am sure those that are in the circle got to eat well already. There definitely needs to be a Event page made for this and potentially an extension of it for those not as lucky to chance over the event and get to reap the rewards. If not definitely going to need to hook people up with a few boxes in surveys and not so BS RNG 1 mil kinah box stuff. This is actually a VERY important event for the Jump toon and people with legit fresh accounts because they start with 100k kinah can't even socket stigmas in their inventory. I am sure this was a over sight but do right by the players and show some love.... ❤️   @Kibbelz

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@Kibbelz Did anyone in NCrap land even think this event through? Like what goes through these spastic coders who think this was a great event to have?....

Not only is it impossible to find any of these Kinah boxes but EVERY SINGLE BOX LOCATION is camped out by Xforms and like x20 of the toughest people.

Only the strongest people will get these Kinah boxes and from what i've seen (since today's the first day) the toughest and strongest players have already got Billions, While the weaker people get nothing.

You wonder why people give up on Aion? or dont progress enough to even enjoy the game anymore....

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Since the event page didn't get posted  until yesterday night, can we get it extended for another week? Better yet send out a survey to everyone with 500mil or something.  Make everything more inflated.

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