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People getting items by Gm help or hack / exploit ?


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7 minutes ago, Malloc-KT said:

Oh nice skin new one ? I doesn't match with the other picture o.o ? BTW which was this skin ?

Yeah I just changed the skin a few days ago its the Marchutan protector set.  The previous skin is the reward from crafting skin its in my luna wardrobe. 

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I think in this case the GM's just broke what's in the agreement. We would be able to sue in the near future if gm refuses to react.

2 minutes ago, mdjfb-KT said:

I think in this case the GM's just broke what's in the agreement. We would be able to sue in the near future if gm refuses to react.

@Loki   @Hime  @Kibbelz

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@Bjorn-DN  u can only get Skin of wise dragon , u see that person has SKILL lol . u cant get skill in Na , not yet 

and @Devil-KT nice skin change . and who use those manastone where u can get free manastone everyday from hidden . is bcs u just buy whatever manastone broker to just socket asaap and post screenshot here ? 

ur seller gave u a + 9 just for post 

still doesnt explain u glide hack in instances m, do aog nm 5 man  . or ur stats just hella much 

wont change with just 2 parts lol . and u need have em higher

dont try cover like ur friend hosie '' i gUeSs u NeVeR mEt A fUlL cRit GlAdIaToR ''

Ur friends who u glide hack do  instances have also such as Nezii in his glad and ranger and he admit buy and pay paypal lol 

is just funny how try cover when is not just 1 person but so many get those and stats hella inscrease and become so tanky out of nowhere just in 10 days . and yet u still no explain who is that person sell paragon +9 and quit and never used them in gear but kept warehouse 

nice joke buddy :) 

@Loki @Kibbelz @Hime have a look fam . appearantly a lot have also in warehouse to use later 

and that person that has Wise dragon weapon SKILL . which is not here yet in Na

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2 hours ago, Devil-KT said:

This is amazing 🤣 

You even made up a back story of how I got my Paragon gear. Apparently I have GM friends and unlimited Paragon stones? Go watch my YouTube videos kid I struggled to just enchant one item to +7. I got my pieces from the broker and it was someone who said they were quitting. I don't have any GM friends I wish I did but I can show you countless tickets I've put into ncsoft and they won't help me. I don't even know of one GM in this game. 🤣


@Devil-KTDude + 9 or +15 dont matter ...
You got those items from someone who use thrid part and trade  it to  broker to you
that person who got those part enchant it was from a ilegal way... 
Do you realise that ? 
What you think you bullet proof cause you got it from broker ?
Dont change fact those item are ilegal and if ncsoft wake up you getting ban bro...

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48 minutes ago, Bjorn-DN said:

Just to point out:


The wise Dragon King weapon can be obtained from Luna gamble and snowballs. Isn't impossible to get, only very rare.

As far as i know , its only a skin just like the one we got from events, it has no skill on it.

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The fact he claims he got it from a friend while keeping the name anonymous says it all.


I will say it'd be pretty unprecedented to have a hack for enchanting. It might actually be a GM or someone with the power to use GM accounts that is doing this. Although Devils is obviously glide hacking instances too so maybe they did just find/buy an insane cheat.


Regardless, sounds like IP and hardware bans are necessary for this situation, this is way too much shit.


Don't understand why people like you cheat in fking video games. Like holy christ it's so embarrassing and pathetic.

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those 2 parts won't give you a 80 % crit u know right and we alr saw the purple glow on the other pic u have a +15 harp and plz stop with the visual bug its embarrassing 

plus u doing more crit than a full geared sw with T3 anomos harp explain this to me? 2 +9 paragon parts won't give u that @Devil-KT



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btw @Devil-KT why u dont show ur stats also in your ssh ? or too much high crit or mag att HA

and 2 parts again wont make ur stats jump so much in attack and defence and crit

so i dunno u tell me :)) 

how you And YOUR  friends jump so much in stats and even ' admit '' to have such weapons but now people complain and write u guys say NO we dont have 

like cmon lol 

obv there is someone here ,  a GM or someone high enough power put these items game for people to buy such as paragon + wise dragon king 

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9 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Even more embarrassing in a game that only has 70 active players. Like whyyyyy. 😂

Yuuuup. But honestly people like this cheat in literally every game, it's never just one, it's a personal problem they have. Dude would cheat in solitaire.

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LMAO @Devil-KT explain me why just some days ago u close ur gear in dps meter LOL

dont want people see ur gear or stats or wut ? :))) 

nice one fam

if ud have just paragon 9 ud be happy and bragg abt it and would leave gear open in game and would update every second in dps meter cuz we all know u a lil ego  as person hehe 

funny :))

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14 hours ago, Devil-KT said:

Dang this Devil fellow has some nice damage.  

My weapon and few pieces are +9... its silly I have to come on the forums to tell everyone... but here I am. If everyone is so comfortable sharing their gear details why does everyone keep view details blocked. 

@Devil-KT Why you say "few pieces" and you only link 1 chest and a weapon ....
Why you dint just say weapon and chest ? 
And btw nice panic last second manastone combined LOL
Imagine having enough money buy paragone gears and try make people belive you have only ancient manastone in LOL
Dude Look that parry combined fuse...
Your real crime its not to have +15 paragone gears, its how terrible you are at lying ... Jesus

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Poor him was sweatting and thought all day how to justify himself and what screenshot to post and forgot under pressure put yellow manastone where not even our alts use LOL 

and that sick parry

that parry gave u 80 % crit bro ? xDD

higher crit than a sw with T3 anomos 

hmmm :))

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Most likely this is a Gm job under table . just like when they stream for upcoming patches and give a streamer opportunity to stream it by private server unofficial . and when the streamer needs an item to show off to veiwers gm who watching stream insta give him item 

how would u say ? simple . just copy the item Id and can make since they have high power in game 

just look Squall , Lancer  streams in Eu server when they ask for an item and Gm give them in just matter of seconds

so for sure this is an inside work since devil from having a paragon 15 harp with GLOW

today show us a paragon yellow manastone socketed and PARRY retune with NO glow

prob talked to the dude and asked for it just to show us here and '' try '' make everyone fool

so either is  A gm who wanna make some $ or is someone powerful enough copy the tools of ID of items and just give to u just like that

cuz u cant make a paragon 15 now or have a Wise dragon skill weapon

funny how @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime no give a reply yet , even as : we gonna investigate  :))

who knows who has dirty hands here 

u guys destroying community and 10 people play this nyerk game lol


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Slowed down on putting money in this game for a while now , now i guess its time to fully stop supporting this game. NC wont get a  single cent from me at least until this get reviewed , discussed and fixed by the GMs/Community managers whatever you wanna call em , what's the point of even trying anymore when you got nyerking clowns getting items you shouldnt even be able to get even if you put thousand of hundreds of dollars on the game . To those who got items thru this process , it just shows how much of a rubbish player you are. Thanks for destroying whats left even if it was just the empty husk of a game we enjoyed. Hope you get the punishment you deserve , even tho we all know NC will just let it slide and let those nerds do whatever the nyerk they want .


@Kibbelz @Hime@Loki Are you guys even reading this crap?? i feel like you should. The lack of transparency with a  serious issue is simply ridiculous. Do something before everyone that's left quit.


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