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Demaha Siege


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21 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

you dont need to participate everyday.

Tell that to my OCD, if it's there so am I. But I know a lot of people in large legions are required to participate if they're on, I'm sure some people would appreciate having leisure time in game not having to do siege every day. At least Altars only last a few minutes,  but siege can last up to an hour. 

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IMO that siege needs to be toned down either the amount of balaur or their Hp cause it is way over the top currently. I know other regions have a lot healthier populations but this is NA and NA is on life support compared to most other regions so a little balancing should be applied. It felt like every 5.8 Kysis siege rolled into one lol.

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13 hours ago, Brutallus-DN said:

Can you guys disable kisking and mounts in there? Nod from DN-Asmo kisked in dux room before siege started then suicided to start dps on dux.. zzzzzzz

.. and..

13 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

yeah, it was strage that the kisks didnt dissapear when the siege started.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. The kisks should have been dissembled when the siege started. They always have in the past and certainly still do for Lakrum and Altars. *shrugs* Guess we can all do that now. PvP in the dux room pre-siege everyone just trying to get a word or cursecloud on each other's kisks before the siege starts and you get kicked out. Can just imagine legions of clerics trying desperately to dispel the kisks. Lol


12 hours ago, Zoner-DN said:

Also maybe think about doing 1 siege per zone per week,  like Lakrum on Saturday,  Divine on Sunday and Demaha on Wednesday. Your gonna burn ppl out having a siege every day 

Yes pls. I absolutely loathe that we are back to fort sieges every single night with altar sieges right before.


5 hours ago, Steezie-DN said:

Can you have it spawn more balaur mobs as well? FPS was to high last night.


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I'm disgusted by these "NOD" people because they say they don't take advantage of bug blah blah all are hypocritical
mainly the "germ" is said to be holy but the first bug takes advantage. now I wonder what if it was another legion? I believe he would be here creating a topic

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Not even hard to understand why this germ or ego or borntwoown guy likes to exploit some bug and stuff. He used to stats hack in pvp instance without any gear change and he was in paralyze. How he boost up to 7k MB, MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the video time 2:50~3:00. Oh, This cheater.... lol...  And GM never will never do stuff I guess. Feelsbadman. 




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9 minutes ago, Zombiex-DN said:

disable kiskingi nside fortress ty @Cyan

We kisked inside the fort, but after the siege start the kisk dissapeared as divine.

@Cyan knowledge:

Now.. if we want to talk about Fair-Play between players, NCSoft has to work with the QA personel and stop doing rubbish in the live-server. Believe me u looks like a cheap company.

1st. As  QA u should test ALL BEFORE u launch some content in live servers

2nd if the content is already launched, DO NOT manipulate the results. Yes! im asmo and im complaining.. isnt fair for all to win a siege that we dont deserve..

3rd. If something fails... well you have to check what happened and ofc... u played with our time


If after all u continue doing rubbish... u can quit this job. After all, this manipulation to give a fort to 1 faction... is corruption!

Can someone tell me how can i upload a image here?, ty!

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On 9/27/2019 at 0:17 AM, Cheesecake-DN said:

If it exists in Korea, maybe.

Well, I havent seen this in korea, to be honest, but you look from the perspective of one player and you cant know what others are doing.

Besides, if this exists in korea, and people are doing it there, and for some reason it's not fixed there, you can be certain it wont be fixed here.

Besides this isnt something that will particularly harm one faction over the other, unless only one legion has the knowledge of how to do it. Which would be the question of how they learned of it.

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