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Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback


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+12 stigma impossible without event increase rate and safe spot +9(player still need a lot of stigma enchantment stone). This patch have +15 stigma?  So it complete Fail if you don't increase rate and give safe spot at least at +9.
Deavanion skill book +15 is good because it have Daevanion enssence. But stigma there is no thing to help.

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13 hours ago, Cyan said:

Hello all, 

Please share your feedback with the 7.2 update here. Whether it's something you like, dislike, or like to see changed - post it! We'll be rounding it up and sending it over to the development team. 

Thank you!

1. The Box with traces of Leibo which you need 3 to morph Leibo's Soul isn't in Lugbugs Mission anymore. Instead, we have Leibo's protection or something like that, which is nowhere to be found on GST

2. Only brokerable enchantment stones are account tradable; which can only be bought off BCM or from some events which give brokerable enchantment stones, since Enchantment stones are so hard to get and the ones purchased using Genesys crystals and Stellium coins are limited purchase items, regular enchantment stones should also be account tradable so we can farm them on alts and trade them via our account warehouse.

3. Infernal Drakenspire Depths doesn't have the same amount of entries as other regions, 1 entry without prestige pass and 2 with prestige pass isn't enough.

4. Shouldn't we have NCLauncher 2.0 by now? every other region has it but us. BnS has the 2.0 Launcher but Aion doesn't kinda weird.

5. Manastone fastener should be account tradable.

6. Can we get something like we had on previous patches that allowed us to upgrade or purify our gear if it's +10, but we lose -5 levels of enchantments? that would be super useful since enchantment stones are hard to come by now and, enchantment rates seem worse than before.

7. GST stigma enchantment stone should also be account tradable.


That's all I have to say for now.

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There seems to be some issues with character skills on specific classes. 

For example, Throne Song no longer gives a buff for magic attack (15%), but does give the M.Acc and Physical Attack Buffs which are non-percentage based. 

Can any other SW confirm this issue? I had a couple in group today on my AT and did not notice a magic attack stat increase.

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  • Please make untradeable enchantment and manastones account tradeable in warehouse. I was excited about hearing about warehouse storeable  manastones but only  got let down by it since only the brokerable ones. The nerf of pve instances not giving legendary enchantment stones from last boss of instances anymore is big loss. Also we rarely get the right manastones we need and when we do, they fail alot so I think making untradeable manastones  account tradeable would be beneficial. I have physical attack/crit stones on caster class, what should I do with them?It hurts to disenchant them for crafting materials.There needs to a balance if enchanting rate is still the same. Some have horrible luck than others. Its very discouraging.
  • Getting decent amount of A rank minium is slow process ( probably S rank minium too). So make  Minium Vault  instance which you can spend luna on for extra entries.
  • Make platium cubes more excess-able to get ( especially the ones from pvp instances shugo, which extremely rarely  spawns ).
  • Increase the rng loot rate to get a ultimate from instances from PF and IDD. You only get like 1-2 legendary items per run for 6 man instance now . It shouldn't take months or weeks to see  a single ult drop ( for any class) from these instances.
  • I dont understand the reasoning of nerfing this much exp from instances, its now little bit over 10k+ per mob. You need like 20 mil to fill one single bar of exp and there not that many weekly/daily quests to do.Since this change is made, maybe lower the gems amount needed to morph enchantment stone


 I want to add some positive  things about this patch:

  • Thanks for adding the windstream quests.
  • While I dont agree with  some other  class  skill changes. I think Vandal classes nerf was needed to balance the game
  • Thanks for adding new skins in gold sand shop. I hope you guys continue adding things and maybe stuff to luna crafting as well?


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Worst Patch Yet.

1. No way to gain xp, there are some quests for very small amounts but it's not nearly enough. No xp = no gems = no morph stones (6.2 all over again)

2. How exactly do we get pve enchantment stones? Because it seems right now we just don't. (meaning no gear progression for pve and nobody that isn't already geared is going to ever be able to do the end game stuff)

3. Evergale Canyon is still broke.... lol.... and no compensation

4. Cubics for every End Game boss is pants on head retarded, I have to grind, to be able to run the instance to grind for gear? While getting no xp, or enchantment stones from those instances? Oh and to boot the kinah fodder drops were nerfed too!

5. Siege GP mobs.... this is beyond dumb, Siege is literally going to be all the top geared people rushing GP mobs at lakrum, then farming balaurs in Demaha siege the entire time for rank. It's pure PVE your way to rank again. 

6. Also 3 sieges with this population? LAWL

7. Instances, it seems most of the instances you need very high dps but most of that seemed to be supplied by Vandals, there doesn't seem to be anything to offset Vandals getting nerfed in terms of being able to have the dps for those instances.

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So many great suggestions in this thread, so I'll try not to repeat. With that, I think I only have two suggestions (that I haven't seen from others yet):

- Allow us to either Luna reset the Minium instance or sell reset scrolls on the BCM.

- Add ALL of the legendary transformations as an option to the selectable potion you get from Prestige Supplies. I don't have the Frigida transform, so those are the only potions I care about. Unfortunately, Frigida is not an option -- and neither are several of the other legendary transforms.

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While there are several good suggestions I think the one that will benefit everyone, new players and old, would be to allow all enchantment stones and manastones to be account tradeable. With the nerfs put in place this patch getting these items are much harder and this small change would allow more gameplay because all characters on an account then become playable.

On a personal note I would love to see all skins available all the time on the BCM. This would be such a money maker I honestly can't fathom why its never been this way. But if not all skins then at least put the full set of old Drakenspire Depths skins on the BCM please. 

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This update is the best since 4.7, but the acquisition of pvp / pve enchants and legendary / ultimate manastones is very bad
1 - It would be very good if you removed the purchase limit for enchant boxes by genesis
2 - Remove the need for bobonerk gem in the morph for the evolution of enchants
3 - Place a box that can be purchased with legendary and ultimate blood mark containing legendary or ultimate enchants and legendary manastones or ultimates
4 - Stigmas below +9 when it fails not to lower the enchantment level with stigma enchant
5 - Stigmas enchantment save point at +9 and +12 as in korea
6 - Remove the Daevanion Mark of Knowledge purchase limit and / or be exchangeable with the warehouse account
7 - Reduce the price of the ultimate pvp / pve retunning items by 50%
These changes will keep players from abandoning demaha and larkum maps altogether and will encourage them to continue going to katalam even after completing the blood mark equipment

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- put the previous DROP RATE ( Legendary PVE stones xpecially), theres no reason to do PVE anymore, unless u wanna complete the new campaign
- increase the time we can play in katalam
- put new recipes to craft Daevanium Skills and stigma stones
- We can't farm enough exp to morph <Bobonerk's Gem> and the new items from katalam that needs EXP too, so why u nerfed the grind of exp from mobs/instances? give us back the previous amount of experience from mobs/instances
- we need more events, EU has at least 1 event every 2 weeks

- LET US reset the new instance Minium Vault, we can only farm minium A / S from that instance .... so how ppl gonna get a minion S? farming 1 year ? thats insane

- reduce the retune cost .... we dont have events like in EU with billons of kinah to farm ... retuning each piece here is painful , an ultimate accesory can be almost 500kk

- theres no way to farm platinium cubics, let us farm platinium cubics put it as drop in some instance

this patch is really funny but we need to change some things

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Demaha siege range should extend down the bridges to where the portal spawns players.

Combining 4 A rank minions should be 100% of getting S rank.

Increase drop rate of Ultimate equipment in instances. 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 and its likely that the "average" players aren't getting or even close to getting a full set. And its closes to a requirement to get them because of how content in 7.2 requires a much bigger population to do anything and it a huge hindrance to player that are maxed gear but with players joining instances with low level gear. 

Removing hourglass timer for katalam could be an option seeing how "dead" the map is.

Weekly lugbug that require you to do floor 15 on low level should be changed. 

Collect 120 blood marks should be changed or lowered.

Cubic exchange... everyone is going to have issues finishing silver 3-4 times quicker than finishing gold.


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The good:

1. Glad Katalam and Danaria are back

2. Vandals needed that nerf, thank you

The bad- Please address:

1. Timer in Katalam keeps everyone separated. Please remove and let everyone join so Katalam can be active 24/7

2. Bring siege schedule back to the way it was - 1 per day. Now its just a boring, kill gp mobs, pve, and be done. These aren’t sieges anymore because theres no “siege” feeling. 

3. im 100% with zombie on this one. Let us reset the minium vault instance. Right now it takes centuries to farm grade A minium and there really isn’t a way to get it at a decent pace in the game. Either increase the amount of minium gained or let us reset it.

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1. Increase the Time you can use the Ultimate Katalam Protector's Weapon. Ten minutes to find people with the whole map might get you 5-6 kills 

2. I agree with everyone make it easier to get Grade A Minium because making 4 Minions to lvl 4 will take a while only to fail with bad RNG. Reseting it or increasing the amount you get per run would be wonderful.

3. 120 blood marks aren't hard to collect if you play Katalam Properly and spent the whole daily time there. But increasing the time would be nice.

4. 3 Sieges at the same time is kinda stupid. Rotation would be Kill GP Mobs at Lakrum, go to Demaha and get credit, then Head to Divine to get Credit. Honestly it splits with the factions so only a handful of people are at certain sieges.

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Overall I think the update is fun and there are more things to do now. However, I'm wondering how can I possibly catch up with people because I find it hard to farm enchantment stones now. My main source of enchantment stones before was the boxes traded with Genesis Crystals, but now it's limited and most of the dungeons don't drop enchantment stones like before. 

Please share information about the new ways to farm enchantment stones, or at least let us have ID and AD entries every day. Also, how to farm PVE enchantment stones.

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I couldn't read all the suggestions, so I am going to write mine:

  • Minions/Minium: Thanks for making the upgrade of A miniums to S with better chance, but we just want to be able to reset the minium instance, make it a BCM item if you want, people will buy it. Or at least give us a morphing recipe that turns 100 minium to 1 minium of higher grade.
  • Stigmas: We have to be able to get to +15 reasonably, with effort, but not with utter pure RNG. One of my extra +9 stigmas went back down to +4 for example. Safe spots at +9 and +12 like official Aion
  • Enchant Stones: Unless we remove the limit of the 5 boxes per week from genesis NPC, I do not see how we are supposed to get pve enchants now. Or at least make all of them account warehouse storable, of course that way we will be able to get a ton. Just this situation is impossible for us to get pve enchants.
  • Daevanion Books: I think at this point we should all be able to select what daevanion we are getting from boxes. Shugo no longer spawns in BoS or Frozen Monolith and the chance to get a shugo in any other instance is so small that I forgot they actually exist. And then getting a random useless daevanion once opening breaks our will to continue... this RNG is killing us.
  • Daevanion Essence: put it permanently on BCM, it is not fair that some people got 100 of them while they were available while others (new/returning players too) will never be able to get any.
  • Transformations: I am happy you increased the time by a little bit (+2 minutes), we are miles away from official Aion, the stats are way too nerfed. I never understood why this had to be like this, what kind of joy you drain from nerfing things like this.
  • EXP: why was this nerfed so badly? I know they have this new thing that takes 175m XP or something and gives you an item, but the XP is impossible to get, you only get XP from luna now.
  • Skins: not much to say, just put everything on store. Let people have fun. It is money for your, just code them into the BCM and let them be. It is not like you get a limited amount of slots to put there and you can't have them all, so just have them all!
  • Cubicles: We are still not close to getting anything done in Platinum section. The cubic instance should give us them a well, even if it is not that many. Even only 1 Platinum cubicle in the end of that instance would be better than nothing.
  • --> PVE Gear <--: If you are going to take any of our suggestions to the developers, PLEASE tell them to make it possible to increase PVE gear the same way we upgrade pvp gear, by making a +15 ancient to a legendary, and a +15 legendary to an ultimate. It should have the same stats to the instance pve items but maybe a different name, so you either get those from instances or you go all the way from ancient -> legendary -> ultimate.I mean you can't get a legendary drop from an instance and upgrade that. Just put the PvE genesis NPCs back and make those possible to be upgraded. I would gladly take that route, your drop rates at pve instances are non existent because of the regional nerfs you implement.

Other than that, I like how you balanced the classes a little bit more, like make the Vandals not as overpowered as they used to be. We are still not in a good balance but it is 10 times better than Aion 7.0

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I've been back a few days now, got to 80, you guys have so many different armor sets it is very confusing, the free gear from event was nice... not as much info out there as there used to be, I still have no idea what that cubic thing is, what Luna is about.... do you guys have a guide for returning players?

I guess I shouldn't have logged in a few days before the event, apparently I didn't count as a returning player for the event.

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13 minutes ago, 1s2062B2-KT said:

I've been back a few days now, got to 80, you guys have so many different armor sets it is very confusing, the free gear from event was nice... not as much info out there as there used to be, I still have no idea what that cubic thing is, what Luna is about.... do you guys have a guide for returning players?

I guess I shouldn't have logged in a few days before the event, apparently I didn't count as a returning player for the event.

Hey, go to your quest log (press J) and then click the Guide tab. There are some yellow quests in there. Their final goal is to get you one piece each of the top PVE and PVP gear. However, beyond that, they are very good at explaining things too. There is a LOT of text in them, so it can look like a snooze to read, but if you're new/returning, it's worth reading. It walks you through some things regarding enchanting and purifying gear, etc.

In regards to Luna, click the pink moon icon on the right side of your skill bars. There are two instances: Contaminated Underpath has one free entry each day and the other one has one free entry per week. They give you lots of XP, and they also give you materials that you collect and can use to craft a few things in that Luna window, or you can craft the Luna currency itself (it normally costs real money).

For cubics, these are extra stats you get across your account. You do a very easy instance -- it's actually the exact same instance as the weekly Luna, but everything has less HP -- and you get some cubics that way. Also, you can get other types of cubics from instances. There are lots of them and they all come from various places. Just open the bags and register them each time you get them.

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There is almost no point doing anything. As people have said, instances don't drop anything.

Base 81? siege in Danaria drops shit for people participating in it. Its quite challenging to get people set up for it and at the end if its completed, drops are single loot spread across the whole with like 5 mins to loot and roll everything and theres some who won't even get anything. = less peole will probably wanting to join or if they did they go solo.

Guessing Pradeth is the same, haven't completed it as we can't get enough people to fill in a decent amount of time. For both instances, thats pure "PVE" and if more pvp from both sides were involved, it would almost be 100% incomplete able with the time limit we have to finish and loot.

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-Undo Transformation Contract speed stat re-balance that affects NA only. Seriously, Casters are getting the short end of the stick here.

-Gear re-tune and Luna selected re-tune cost lowered to be more inline with other territories KR/EU. Seriously, that's way too expensive, at least offer a discount if you have prestege.

-A Minium rate increased substantially.

-Reinstate guaranteed 1 Ultimate drop from IDD/PF and other instances like in other territories KR/EU.

-Stigma safe spots at +9 +12 along with more Stigma enchant events.

-Skill Effect Cards added to Golden Sands or BCM. I am seriously considering sending in a ticket and using a token to get my FEAR: Ginseng and Curse of Water restored when my toon got deleted during all those server merges and character purges from not logging in for 5yrs xD.

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NCSOFT doesn't know the nerf on transformations only affects casting speed classes.... this is SO STUPID... cause atk speed classes can reach the atk speed cap so easily, while casters we have to play with nerfed transformations... this change only has negative consequences on casters so... talk with ncsoft to have the original stats from korea

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Well as a totally free to play player I have a few problems. Firstly you said that with this new patch 6.0 you were not going to focus on events but yet if you spend tons of money you get the best rewards from events that can help with in game progression. With that being said you have now nerfed several things that help with progression like xp gain. How am I supposed to craft enchantment stones at a decent rate to enchant my gear seeing as I am not sitting afk in a town with full +15 ultimate gear? I failed 7 enchantment stones on 1 item which is 25 fighting fragments times 7 and 50 gems times 7 and I still have several more items to enchant. Not to mention how much kinah each try takes on ultimate gear. Secondly stigmas. How am I supposed to enchant them and complete with people who are already above +9 and also daevion skills? Now comes S rank minions. Where is our some what steady income of A rank minium? Also where is the item that you combine with the legendary item in the lugbug quest so I can get a legendary contract every 8 weeks. Are you guys adding that or planning to give us another event after 1 year after this patch where we log in for 6 hours to get a random one which probably might be one not for our class again? When you guys gave us free luna (and thank you very much again) I crafted several of the contract boxes and combined them for weeks unend and still haven't gotten a legendary transformation. I am not asking you to throw free items for us but there has to be some way we can get them with some work before another patch hits and we are still behind. Also like other people are requesting as a cleric please for the log of god return the transformations to their original unnerfed stats.

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