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Best update ever


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Welp, game over. We've sailed past the point of no return folks.  If this is whats on the horizon there really is no hope for this game ever improving, at least not here in the west... I cannot understand the reasoning behind any of what they've been doing and this is just the cherry on top of it all. This is as close to a mobile game-esque "auto-resolve" feature as we can get.

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LOL. Quick we losing players what do we do.

Intern - "We could make quality content that has both playable and payable content and put more time in to balancing the game."

Developers - "Now we talking, good job intern we should make a live bot program"

Intern - "That is not what i sa..."

Developers - "Intern you are a nyerk genius we can limit the skills so actual bots still farm faster keep these good ideas up and you will get a promotion"


This is how i envision the conversation to add the bot program went. The reality is probably more like

Developers - "We need to get our community ready for when Aion 2 comes out on mobile how do we do that?"

Intern - "Auto Mob hunting?"

Developers - "Intern thanks i will take that idea as my own and get a promotion"

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So when someone auto farms will that be a banable offense? Like "report" bot button will be useless? If this thing has no limitations then I do not see how they explain all the destruction of the game past 6.0 which was aimed mostly to hurt bots when it actually hurt the real players.

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Here is a rough Google Translation of the system (I'm assuming force = alliance):


Here's the update for Wednesday, February 5.

[Combat Support]

1. Added automatic combat support.


 -You can activate the battle support function through the battle support start / end button.

 -The start / end hotkey for combat support is Shift + A. You can change the hotkey in [Preferences]-[Key settings]-[Functions].

 -You can set combat support related functions such as skill and recovery settings through the combat support settings button.

 -You can check information about items and points acquired during battle support through the battle support statistics window button.

 -Battle support statistics are reflected in real time, the information displayed when you exit the battle support will be reset.

 -Combat support is deactivated and will not work if combat is unavailable, including death, boarding, and flight movement.

 -Combat support is not available in group status such as party / force.

 -If you enter a region that is invited to a party / force by force while combat support is active, you will not be invited to the party / force.

 -Group invitations, such as parties / forces, will be rejected while combat support is active.

 -While the battle support is in progress, the point of view will be changed to a point in time that is fixed to the character.

 -Certain monsters and NPCs may be excluded from battle support.


 -You can set a total of five skills, you can drag the skill in the skill window (K) to register in the slot.

 -In the case of continuum skills, registering the first skill will use all successive skills.

 -Accumulator skill is used to accumulate maximum.

 -If you have a ranger skill, use the skill after moving to a range.

 -If all skills are in cooldown state, use normal attack.

 -You can set the recovery item to match the remaining HP / MP, and drag the recovery item from the inventory to the slot.

 -If you select the quest monsters priority, the quest monsters are selected first to proceed with the battle.

 -If you choose to sell junk items automatically when the inventory is full of junk items will be sold.

 -If you choose to use experience extractor automatically, if you have experience extractor items in your inventory, experience will be automatically extracted when the experience is at least 90%.

 -You can display the minion information window through the minion setting button.

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