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Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019


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  • Aion Team

There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CST / 13:00 CET to 8:45 a.m. CST / 16:45 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.


  • Routine website and server maintenance.
  • Fruit Harvest event will begin. You can find full event details here.
  • The price of the Shard Bundle in the Golden Sand Traders will be greatly reduced and its purchase limit will be removed.
  • The Enchantment System will receive some changes. You can find more details here.
    • Morphing recipes will be added that allow for the promotion of Ancient and Legendary enchantment stones to higher tiers.
    • Added Borunerk's Coin Bundles to the Gold Sand Traders. Borunerk's Coins can be transformed into Borunerk's Gems, a crafting material for Enchantment Stone promotion.
    • Enchantment rates for Ancient and Legendary gear will be increased. Ultimate gear is not affected. The new rates match the planned changes from the 6.5 update.
  • An issue where the Luna Material Box was not available will be fixed.
  • Exchange quests for arena Victory Insignias will become available. Please note that some quest objectives may be modified in the future to provide a better experience for these quests.
  • Local Time will now be displayed alongside Game Time and Server Time and can be viewed by mousing over the icon on the lower-right corner of the compass.
  • An issue where the extractability of some gear was incorrectly changed in a previous update will be fixed.
  • An issue where some Artifact buffs in Lakrum were not giving the correct stats will be fixed.
  • An issue where some resurrection items were accessible in the Crucible Spire will be fixed.
  • An issue where some UI in the Crucible Spire was not working correctly will be fixed.
  • An issue where Daevanion skills could change incorrectly when a different weapon is equipped in specific situations will be fixed.
  • Quest target mobs will be added to Bastion of Souls so the quest Eliminate Harvesters Drakan Protection Officers can be completed in one play through.
  • An issue where the trade timer on rare loot was not displaying will be fixed.
  • An issue where Bestial Fury listed an incorrect range will be fixed.
  • Some item descriptions will be changed to be clearer.
  • The message that occurs when a boost pack is close to running out will be changed.
  • Various text and localization issues will be fixed.

Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates.

Maintenance Images of the Week

r3hs7nvtcf921.jpg gyfe446wcla21.png izkr0ixg22a21.jpg

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Just now, Pikku-KT said:

that moment when we are bout to get some good changes to the game and all people are talking bout is transparent scrolls smh

character's customization is the principal attraction if u know the game since it was announced. a loot of hair styles and things like that for look like a polar bear. have no sence. 

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@Cyan so the fruit harvest event "rewards" mostly i don't mind what's there....buuuuuuuuuut....who the f*ck put the rewards list together? ancient pve stones? nyerking nice joke..... ancient daevanion kill box... we already f*cking throw these on ground from CoE and the transparent scrolls.... 5 is such a useless number, same with shards, 1k is too low to be called a "reward" and we don't need lucky stars, we're all fkin lvl 80 already, the event is made exclusively FOR lvl 80s... hello can you f*cking fire whoever is making these reward lists????

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Congrats guys, only took you approx. 3 months to fix the Shards and bring them to its original pricing. You wanted to make this particular region unique but instead made it uniquely stupid.

If you want to be actually unique, make the Transparent scrolls purchasable with kinah from GST.

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6 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

but kubei what would be the difference if it's on the GSM with the same price and leaving it where it is now?

There's no reason whatsoever to put a "limit" on Shards and waste 4m kinah just for 1000 pieces. If someone thinks that's okay, they're part of the problem. As a sub-division of the Korean company, we should, in fact, keep everything just as Korea does, at least for the most part.

Not to mention the other multitude of issues that needs fixing and we're not even halfway through it.

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4 hours ago, StarWebIcarii-KT said:

Not even a mention of when the black eye will be fixed! I hate my character it is so sad that nobody cares about the real toon appearance the one we made when we created it. We should not have the need for transparent scrolls!

Well, it seems most of you are happy so have fun and good luck to you.


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