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Daeva Dash Event Reward List


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  • Aion Team

Greetings Daeva, 

Below you will find a full list of rewards from Daeva Dash. You can find full event details here.

Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Ornate Treasure Chest Bundle

  • Exceptional Minion Contract
  • Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Ornate Treasure Chest Key
  • Harvester's Wing Feather
  • Panda Power Wheels
  • Administrator's Boon - 1- Time Pass
  • Golem Revival Bundle
  • Major Deep Conditioning: Level 2 Bundle
  • Major Blessed Augment: Level 2 Bundle
  • Temperance Transformation Candy Box
  • Harvester's Accessory Box
  • Wave Song Armor Box
  • Purified Daevanion Protector's Weapon Box
  • Innocent Merek's Wondrous Prayer Bundle
  • [Event] Provenance Weapon Box
  • Strong Ayas Transformation Candy Box
  • Lucky Stigma Bundle
  • Ancient Harvester's Weapon Box
  • +7 Manastone Bundle
  • +8 Manastone Bundle
  • Noble +10 Manastone Bundle
  • Ancient Harvester's Armor Box
  • Pure Empyrean Plume Box
  • [Event] Archdaeva Cooking Bundle
  • Pure Void Dragon King's Weapon Box
  • Protector's +9 Manastone Bundle

Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Common Treasure Chest Bundle

  • Masterwork Level Reduction Stone
  • Berdin's Giant Lucky Star
  • Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll
  • Essence Core
  • [Event] Tempering Solution
  • [Event] Omega Enchantment Stone
  • [Event] Nutritional Jelly Paste
  • Lesser Minion Contract
  • Greater Minion Contract
  • Major Minion Contract
  • Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Ornate Treasure Chest Key
  • Tempering Solution
  • Essence Core Solution
  • Omega Enchantment Stone
  • Minium
  • [Event] Drana Coffee
  • Vital Recovery Serum
  • Huge Greater Supplements Bundle (Mythic)
  • Prime Royal Captain Accessory Box
  • Prime Royal Captain Armor Box
  • Prime Royal Captain Weapon Box
  • Mythic Warrior Idian Box
  • Legendary Illusion Godstone Bundle
  • Transcendent Thunder Dragon King Weapon Chest
  • Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic)
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Very good rewards, good job nc c:


Edit: just saw that winning team gets 6 common keys and the losing team gets 3 common keys, great job again, since everyone will have a chance at the rewards (I think EU had 3 keys each for the winning team, no keys for losing)

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8 minutes ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

it is like other events, where the big chest requires 3 keys and the small one requires 1? Or in this event every key will open one "common" chest and the only way to open the big one is with an special key from BCM or the normal chest?

Azzmaria yes. 3 keys big chest 1 small chest. At least it like that EU

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It is one of these events that you read it "you get inside, 3 asmodians vs 3 elyos, you choose heroes, they have special abilities, you have to run, you have to avoid obstacles etc, you have to do this and that etc"

I need to see this walk through on video, these events are giving me a headache.

And then I realized that this event is not for all classes. It is retarded.


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6 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I'm sad that we're getting those stupid godstones. I thought we had escaped that mess. :/

No kidding. 

For those that don't know, here is a list.

  • 5% fear
  • 7% sleep
  • 7% bind
  • 7% phys attk & spell debuff by 35%
  • 4% 9k magical attk
  • 7% silence
  • 7% blind
  • 4% para
  • 8% stun
  • 3% 3,640 fire damage

I really believe this is yet another example of things being added to events/luna by someone who has no idea how to Aion and is very much out of touch with the playerbase.

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When I saw the "godstone bundle" thing I thought they were the normal ones, that we got in many other events in the past, and usually became cheap due to having a large amount of those. 

So it seems that finally we will have the godstones that NCWest avoided for so long, in what was probably the best decision in many years (not having the godstones in NA to avoid issues). I just hope you are wrong and we are going to have just the cheap and regular ones that we used to have. But you usually are not wrong with things like this one. 

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1 minute ago, Gallium-DN said:

Could someone please list the Skills of each "Hero" and describe what their purpose is? I don't want to be that guy in the instance who doesn't know what they're doing...

Lol right?! I'm already like "ok I want to run it first with THESE specific friends because they won't get mad if we fail hardcore" lolol. :(

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6 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

3 keys for a loss? I am sure there will be afks all over the place. It's the smart play.

yeh I am doing it on my alts not gonna lie, that said people will still complain about it

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